Happy B-Day! 5 Summer Walker Moments That Keep Us Laughing

Happy Birthday! 5 Summer Walker Moments That Keep Us Laughing


Happy Birthday! 5 Summer Walker Moments That Keep Us Laughing

Summer Walker got the hits to move fans through MOMENTS! From the breakup bops to the ‘girl get up’ anthems. There’s a reason Walker pulls in nearly 20 million streams monthly on Spotify.

Beyond carrrrryyingg a note, Summer has retained her authenticity while gracing the charts. Living her best–and private life–in the public spotlight, from welcoming three adorable children, Bubbles and twin sons, to sold-out performances amid social anxiety.

Today, the R&B singer is celebrating another milestone, her 27th birthday! Help us celebrate another type of moment she creates–laughter! From reenactments to cosplay dances, Summer can blow AND tell jokey jokes. Keep scrolling for a kii!



When Summer Reenacted A Viral Steve Harvey Clip: 'I'm Hood Ready'

Last April, Summer Walker had fans cackling when she reenacted a viral scene from Family Feud. In the video, a contestant said she would pick Steve Harvey as a partner in a fistfight–and he affirmed nobody on the board “could whup” him!

Walker took on the challenge of playing BOTH roles–and the video had folks online crying-laughing for days. As of April 11, it has 3.1 million views on her official TikTok.



♬ original sound – ᴀᴅᴇʙɪᴅᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ


When Summer Pretended To Be Sukihana After She Lost A Tooth

In May 2022, Sukihana lost a front tooth while performing in Oakland, California. At the time, she took to Instagram to explain her frustration with paying upwards of $20,000 and being unable to “eat crab legs.”

Still, Sukihana didn’t let the missing veneer kill her vibe. She went on to film a music video, even tapping Bay Area residents to join the moment. Meanwhile, Summer used the audio of the reveal video and colored her tooth black for another TikTok kii with 1.5 million views.


♬ original sound – HeartlessHippie


When Summer Jokingly Reacted To Diddy's 'Who Killed R& B' Tweet

Fast-forward to August 2022, Diddy wasn’t feeling the R&B scene, and he let it known on Twitter.

The music industry mogul tweeted, “Who killed R&B?” Several talents who’ve made waves in the genre reacted, including Chris Brown and Hitmaka. Meanwhile, Summer Walker and Jermaine Dupri joined Diddy on a live-streamed video to chop it up on the topic.

Amid all that, Walker made a lil’ joke about the ‘R&B is dead’ conversation that later went viral. She, as an R&B artist herself, created a video seemingly acting salty at the comment. Again, just a joke, but it was sure hitting at the time! Today, the TikTok video has 2 million views.


This was my 1st reaction lol its okay now we talked about it , I understand his point of view🤍

♬ original sound – Summer Walker



When Summer Recreated Ray J's Baby-Holding Verzuz Performance

Ray J was one of the hot topics online after he performed at Verzuz alongside Pleasure P, Bobby Valentino, and Sammie.

He had multiple viral moments, but the one Summer Walker gave us a kii about was when he grabbed his son and held him in his arms while singing One Wish. 

And she didn’t hold back on her fake baby placements…HA!


♬ TME News – tmenews


Summer Takes On Mona's 'Why You Being Weird To Me?' Video

Comedian Mona, also known as Don’t Call Me White Girl, had the innanet in a chokehold after she spoke about a man giving pleasurable bedroom intimacy–and the ‘crazy antics’ that followed.

Summer took her shot at recreating it and did what? That.

Scroll to the 5th slide below to see the video:”

It’s not clear what plans Summer has to celebrate her birthday, but she took to her Instagram Story with videos of her twins.

She censored her children’s faces but showed the little ones holding hands. She captioned another video of one of the babies’ holding her hand, “Best birthday gifts.”

Happy 27th, Summer Walker! To more years and greater moments, and perhaps, a movie role!


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