'The Wendy Williams Show' & It's Legacy

How You Doin’? Remembering The Legacy Of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’


How You Doin'? Remembering The Legacy Of 'The Wendy Williams Show'

July 18, 2023, marks Wendy Williams‘ 59th birthday, and we’re taking the time to reflect on the impact she left through her iconic TV program, The Wendy Williams Show.

From 2008 to 2022, Wendy unapologetically tackled hot topics and served up entertainment-based tea for viewers from all over the country to enjoy.

While the show is sadly no more, longtime viewers and die-hard stans keep its memory alive. There’s also a whole “Wendy Archive” on YouTube, so its legacy is still very much alive on the internet!

In honor of the media icon’s 59th birthday, let’s look back on some standout aspects of her eponymous talk show.

Wendy Williams
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Servin' Up The Hot Topics

To kick off our list, we have Hot Topics — the segment of Wendy’s show that was entirely focused on discussing need-to-know news from the entertainment world!

This was by far one of the most popular parts of her program, and the image of Wendy scurrying to sit down and deliver Hot Topics is a fond memory for many.


Fostering Meaningful Audience Participation

While Wendy brought the laughs with her Hot Topics, her audience members played a big part in delivering the fun vibes for which the show was known.

In fact, we see Wendy Williams encouraging her audience to get in on the mess on multiple occasions, and they’re here for the antics!


Bringing Her Sayings & Gestures To National Attention

Wendy’s simple formula of asking “How you doin’?” with her signature hand pose has proven to be iconic in its own right, and it’s firmly part of the public lexicon!

Humorously, Williams also had a running gag of saying “of course” after gay fans mimicked her — and judging by the popularity of the phrase, this occurred often!


Highlighting Wendy As A Memeable Icon

Of course, one doesn’t have a 14-year-long stint on national television without being memed, and Wendy Williams has proven herself to be quite the meme queen over the years.

Whether she’s throwing shade or having a genuine moment, one thing’s for certain: it has likely been memed by somebody!


Wendy Williams' Halloween Costumes

On top of candid memes, Wendy Williams also served up style with her Halloween outfits.

Many viewers loved to see what costume Wendy would don for that year’s Halloween festivities, and she consistently came thru and served for the holiday!


Letting Viewers Relish The Chaos

Of course, Wendy didn’t achieve her icon status through memes or Halloween costumes. Instead, it’s because she beautifully packaged celebrity messes and presented them for viewers to revel in.

After all, Wendy Williams was committed to giving the fans what they wanted!


Her Purple Chair: A National Treasure

Finally, we just have to pay homage to the iconic purple chair that graced the Wendy Williams Show stage for years.

In fact, the purple chair in question is so noteworthy that it was included in a Madame Tussauds wax figure of Wendy Williams, unveiled in 2021.

Happy birthday, Ms. Wendy Williams!


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