Jack Harlow's New Album Has Haters Switchin' Up Their Stances!

Jack Harlow’s New ‘Jackman’ Album Has Haters Switchin’ Up Their Stances!


Jack Harlow's New 'Jackman' Album Has Haters Switchin' Up Their Stances!

Jack Harlow unveiled his new Jackman album on Friday, and he’s already got Twitter raving about it!

The 10-track project features zero feature artists, and—judging from the online response—the 25-year-old rapper did his thang on the album!

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His 'Jackman' Album Cover Immediately Generated Buzz

The conversation around Jackman started earlier this week when Jack announced the project.

“Jackman. My new album. Out this Friday 4/28.”

As the album cover featured a shirtless Jack Harlow standing cross-armed in an alleyway, it generated some commentary. After all, people are going to judge a book by its cover!


Listeners Give Jack Harlow His Flowers

Once the project dropped on Friday, it was immediately lauded with praise online.

Some shared that they instantly knew the album would be fire, as it featured a green tint like some of his other hit projects.

One track called “Gang Gang Gang” particularly got a good amount of  positive feedback. In fact, one user proclaimed that the “mature song” is a signal that “Jack Harlow [is] becoming an artist in front of our eyes.”


'Jackman' Even Sways The Critics

In fact, even the people who doubted Jack couldn’t help but praise Jackman.

From saying that “old Jack Harlow is back” to saying that he would up “beating the washed allegations,” the haters openly changed their tune!

Ultimately, one user acknowledged, “Jack Harlow very clearly had something to prove on his new album…I can faithfully say he indeed proved it.”

Judging by how his 2022 Come Home the Kids Miss You album wasn’t very well received, it looks like Jack may have redeemed himself!

What do you think about the album?


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