See Special Moments From Funeral Services For Jacky Oh (Video)

Jacky Oh: See Touching Moments From Funeral Services For The Beauty Entrepreneur And Mother Of Three (VIDEO)


Jacky Oh: Watch Special Moments From The Funeral Services For The Beauty Entrepreneur And Mother Of Three (VIDEOS)

Mother-of-three and beauty entrepreneur Jacky Oh passed away on May 31 at age 32. This past weekend her loved ones gathered to celebrate her life in a series of homegoing services, including her funeral, repast, and a special dove release.

Jacky’s longtime partner, DC Young Fly, gave a touching eulogy that echoed the caption in his first public statement about Jacky’s death. In the Instagram post shared on Thursday, he spoke about her mothering abilities and their collective faith and trust in God–sentiments he echoed while delivering his speech.

“Pray for us, send us good energy. This ain’t hard, but it sure ain’t easy. It ain’t, and for those who see me, y’all know I pray a lot because life is real,” DC said during the eulogy. “And if I didn’t pray a lot, I wouldn’t be able to deal, but I’m standing here strong letting you know, chin up, chest out, I’m straightm. My kids? We good cause like I said we led by the spirit, not by the flesh. Are we hurt? Yes. We’re human. We got emotions. My children know God is real.”

DC then directed his attention to one of his children in the audience, presumably his six-year-old Nova. He asks her about God being real, being God-fearing people, and knowing her mother Jacky is “here with [them]” and they’re going to “keep going.”

He also directed a message to everyone in the audience and those tuning in from home–the service was live-streamed.

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“And I want everybody in here if you don’t take nothing from today, man. I don’t care whatever you going through in life, listen, man, find you a relationship with God,” the grieving father said. “She had a beautiful soul, she was a great mother. I’m talking ’bout SUPER great mother, super great mother, super great mother, and we gonna continue that. We gonna continue that love.”

Talking to Jacky’s casket, he said:

“I love you, Jack. These kids are beautiful, man. God granted us the strength to have three. You know I was trying to have seven more,” DC said in a joking manner. “She gon’ beat me up for that one. But I love you, girl, and I want our kids to understand that you had a beautiful soul and you didn’t leave us. You in heaven, your spirit is with us, you still here. And we got an amazing support system, we got a beautiful support system that done came out. Love you. Everybody in here, keep God first. Always remember, listen, do not complain. You may have a valid reason to lose your mind, but that don’t mean it’s right.”


DC Young Fly's Eulogy Mirrors His First Statement About Jacky Oh's Death

As mentioned above, DC Young Fly’s words at Jacky’s funeral felt similar to the statement he released two days before her memorial services on June 10.

The funeral was held in Atlanta at the Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. Her viewing was scheduled for an hour from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. local time, with the service beginning directly after.

On Thursday (June 8), DC Young Fly shared a sentimental post highlighting his late love as “the greatest mother” and a “God-fearing” woman.

“You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW your soul was beautiful Yu always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other!!! Never had to worry about our kids loving each other cause you were on top of Dat!!! You kno we GOD fearing and we are grounded by the spirit. we never question the HIGHER POWER. we roll wit the punches and continue to live righteous, will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were especially a GREAT MOTHER!!! You know how our last convo went. I prayed for Yu and now we are here.. but it’s ok we willll continue to pray and hold on to our FAITH because that’s alll we kno!! Love you forever and our kids are super strong.”


Other Touching Moments: Repast & Dove Release

Along with the viewing and DC’s loving speech at the memorial service, Jacky Oh’s loved ones also planned a dove release and a repast.

Though the footage is limited, keep scrolling to see clips of both moments.

From the looks of it, the memorial services featured Jacky’s family and friends dressed in shades of light pink and white. During the dove release, DC Young Fly was the last to let go as his children stood nearby.

Additional footage shows large portraits of Jacky alone and alongside her family, including DC Young Fly and their three children.

Jacky’s friends also appeared to host a special repast ceremony–dressed in matching t-shirts featuring a collage of Jacky. They also appeared to let go of floating lanterns alongside the setting sun.


Jacky Oh's Cause Of Death Remains Unconfirmed

Despite statements from her family and longtime partner, DC Young Fly, Jacky’s cause of death remains unknown. At the time, she was 32.

A June report from E! News says Jacky, legal name Jacklyn Smith, was found unresponsive in a hotel room in Miami. The Miami Fire Department officials transported her from Homewood Suites by Hilton, but emergency personnel pronounced her dead at Mercy Hospital.

Unconfirmed reports by blogs like Surgeon Made Curves and The Cosmetic Lane claim Jacky Oh was in Miami for a “mommy makeover” cosmetic surgery before her passing.


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