Recalling Viral Jada Pinkett Smith Moments In Honor Of Her B-Day

Runnin’ Down Jada Pinkett Smith’s Viral Moments In Honor Of Her 52nd Birthday


Jada Pinkett Smith Viral Moments Birthday

Today commemorates Jada Pinkett Smith‘s 52nd birthday, and this Virgo queen has plenty of noteworthy moments for us to highlight in her honor!

From her roles in blockbuster films like Set It Off and Girls Trip to some of the words of wisdom that she’s provided over the years, Jada has quite the repertoire of gems for us to focus on.

However, we find it fitting to call attention to some of the viral moments that Mrs. Pinkett Smith has provided over the years.

In honor of Jada Pinkett Smith marking her 52nd trip ’round the sun, let’s reflect on some of her noteworthy moments from her time in the spotlight!

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Continually Getting REAL On Red Table Talk

Starting off with her iconic Red Table Talk series on Facebook Watch, it’s only fitting that we acknowledge some of the moments Jada Pinkett Smith helped serve up throughout the years.

From providing Jordyn Woods with a platform to share her side of the Tristan Thompson situation to giving Demi Moore and her daughters space to discuss the impact of her previous drug addiction, this series wasn’t afraid to put everything out on the table.

Of course, Jada Pinkett Smith opening up about her “entanglement” with August Alsina during a sit-down with Will Smith was a major moment on the show, which catapulted the term into the public lexicon and continues to be referenced to this day.

Despite all that Jada brought on Red Table Talk alongside Adrienne Banfield-Norris and Willow Smith, the downfall of Facebook Watch led to the series going off the air. However, an Instagram post notes that showrunners “are in talks of finding a new home.”


Openly Aspiring To Go Against "Conventional" Parenting

Moving along, we also have to give Jada a shoutout for vocally sharing how she’s proud to not be a “conventional parent.”

During a 2014 sit-down with Us Weekly, she outright acknowledged, “I want my kids to be happy and I want them to be themselves.” 

In fact, she made a point to note that she wants her kids to be independent and put themselves first.

“I’m not a conventional parent, which I take a lot of pride in. I don’t just sit with Willow and go, ‘Hey, this is what Mommy thinks. Let me just bring in a little reality to validate what Mommy’s been talking to you about.’ What I do with Willow, is I give her the opportunity to be empowered by having herself first.”


Embracing Her Extended Family

Staying on the subject of family, it’s also worth noting that Jada has been open about sharing an admirably close relationship with Sheree Zampino—Will Smith’s ex-wife and the mother of his firstborn, Trey.

While Pinkett Smith and Zampino have been open about some of the previous roadblocks they had to overcome, they acknowledged that they “developed a really nice sisterhood” and worked to make their blended situation work.

Sheree noted that her ultimate priority was Jada treating Trey well, though the relationship the women developed was a sweet, noteworthy development that highlights their mature approach to the matter.


Sharing Her Alopecia Story

Next, we have to note that Jada impacted plenty of women’s lives by utilizing her celebrity to open up and raise awareness about alopecia.

Upon initially discussing her hair-loss condition, Jada has been vocal about the emotional trials that alopecia put her through, with the actress acknowledging she “had to put it in a spiritual perspective” while going through the process.

Following her decision to shave her head, Jada opened up about how it was a “beautiful experience” that was “such a freedom.”

“I’m so glad I did it. It was such a beautiful experience and such a freedom. I feel more connected to myself and to the great diving in a very special way. I was just like, ‘I’m over it.’ It was that moment. I was just like, ‘I’m done. I’m just done with the worry. I’m done with the care. I’m just done.'”

She continues to share her journey, and a quick scroll through her social media can give fans all the updates they need.


Fondly Recalling Her Friendship With Tupac Shakur

Regarding matters that Jada Pinkett Smith has opened up about, she’s also spoken on her past friendship with Tupac Shakur numerous times.

During a 2015 sit-down with Howard Stern, Jada confirmed that they were “very close” and declared that — despite the emotional connection they shared — there was “no physical connection” between them. She’s also shared photos of them together to show how close they were before his 1996 passing.

Another example of their bond was seen in Jada sharing an unreleased Tupac poem in honor of the late rapper’s would-be 50th birthday.


Not Shying Away From Being Honest About Her Marriage

Lastly, we of course have to speak on Jada and Will laying their marriage on the table and being openly honest with fans.

On top of her aforementioned “entanglement” revelation on Red Table Talk, Jada also didn’t shy away from addressing others’ perceptions about her marriage.

The couple has been honest about having an open relationship, with Will previously noting, Jada never believed in conventional marriage.”

During a 2019 episode of Red Table Talk, she also didn’t hold back about her and Will enduring “betrayals of the heart” during their time together.

“I’m asked a lot about, ‘Is there infidelity in your relationship with Will?’ And it’s like, ‘No, but there have been other betrayals of the heart that have been far bigger than I could even think in regards to an infidelity situation.'”

By opening up about her marriage, which J. Cole famously paid tribute to in “No Role Modelz,” Jada lets it be known that no relationship is perfect and that true love can conquer all.


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