Jalen Rose & More Speak Out After Ja Morant Flashes Gun Again

Shannon Sharpe, Jalen Rose & More Speak Out Following Ja Morant’s Second NBA Suspension For Flashing Gun Again On Instagram Live


Shannon Sharpe, Jalen Rose & More Speak Out Following Ja Morant's Second NBA Suspension For Flashing Gun Again On Instagram Live

Shannon Sharpe and Jalen Rose are among the public figures sharing their reactions after Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant was seen flashing a gun during a recent Instagram Live. As The Shade Room previously reported, Rose recently sat down for an interview with Morant in late March, where the basketball player apologized for his previous actions of flashing a gun while in a Colorado strip club on March 4.

During the March interview, Morant took “full responsibility” for his actions and said it was a “bad mistake.” He also proclaimed that he would avoid “bad decisions” moving forward.

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Shannon Sharpe & Kwame Brown React To Ja Morant's Brandishing A Gun For The Second Time On Instagram Live

Shannon Sharpe appeared on ‘Undisputed’ this past weekend and shared his thoughts regarding Ja Morant’s recent actions.

“I said before, the best apology is changed behavior. And when he was going through all this… I said, ‘I see better than I hear.’ I heard everything Ja said, now I said, ‘Moving forward, I’m going to see if the behavior meets what he said.'”

Sharpe explained that he’s “not even upset at Ja.” However, he is “disappointed” by the people who have defended him and his actions.

“Because that’s what got us here!”

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has also shared his thoughts on Morant’s actions, calling him “NBA Dumb boy.”


Jalen Rose Reacts To Ja Morant's Recent Actions

Jalen Rose shared his thoughts on Morant’s recent actions during an episode of ‘NBA Countdown’ this weekend.

“It’s really unfortunate, and the one thing we learn as athletes… is that we’re required to be role models… And that doesn’t necessarily serve in other professions as entertainers… A lot of times, this type of behavior is celebrated or promoted. But when you’re an athlete, it’s punished…”

Rose explained that Morant putting himself in this situation for the second time will lead to a twenty-plus game suspension and is “unfortunate” for the entire NBA organization.

“It puts a damper on the next season — How well can you play if you’re going to miss Ja Morant for so many games?”

Rose continued by acknowledging that Morant is 23 years old and seemingly explained that if social media were present when he was Morant’s age, he would also have been seen putting himself in many “questionable” predicaments with “poor decisions.”

“So I’m not going to talk about it like it’s the end for him. I think there’s still a future for him to reclaim his decision-making and put himself in position to not only be a role model, a parent but also a productive NBA [player]…”


Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly shared their reactions to Rose’s statements in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user, @ihate_solomon, wrote.

“My thing is…what does he get out of flashing guns on social media? He’s a rich dude and one of the top players in the league. What is he trying to prove and why is he trying to impress other men so bad? Lol”

Another user, @witnessnyc, disagreed with Rose.

“I disagree, what he’s doing isn’t acceptable in any profession outiside of Music possibly”

Another user, @amethyst_reign, blasted the “lack of accountability” for Morant and his actions.

“The lack of accountability amongst our community grinds me. He makes the choices and here we going giving him pass after pass. He is an adult”

Instagram user @profito_ seemingly agreed.

“Nah you can’t keep making excuses for a grown ass man… 23 is grown enough to know what to do and what not to do… it’s not difficult to not make these types of mistakes… especially when you just when through this very same thing at the top of the year.. he doesn’t have to be a role model but at the bare minimum do what’s necessary to keep you multi million dollar a year paying job.”


Rapper Fat Joe also reacted to Ja Morant’s recent actions by sharing a few words of his own on Instagram Live.

“He’s trying HARD to get kicked out the NBA. And those guys that’s with you, they’re not your peoples Ja. They don’t care! This is a problem we have with our community becoming famous. Cause the people around you… they didn’t put in the work like you. And guess what? If you get thrown out of the NBA, these are the same guys who are going to say, ‘Yo, he wasn’t s**t anyway.’ Ja, these are not your people! Anybody telling you or pointing you in the direction of ignorance is not with you!”

Snoop Dogg also shared a carousel post of memes in reaction to Morant’s recent actions.


The Viral Video Of Morant Flashing A Gun For The Second Time

As The Shade Room previously reported, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant on Sunday after a recent video of him brandishing a gun for the second time on Instagram Live went viral.

According to a statement, Morant is suspended “from all team activities pending league review.”

Footage of Morant’s recent actions while on Instagram Live can be viewed below.


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