Ne-Yo Says He's 'Unbothered' By Critics Of His 'Happy' Life

Ne-Yo Claps Back At Critics Of His ‘Single’ Life: ‘I Might Come From The Omarion School Of Unbotheredness’


Ne-Yo Reacts Critics Single Unbothered Sade

Ne-Yo Reacts Critics Single Unbothered Sade


Over the weekend, Ne-Yo penned several messages about how “unbothered” he is by public critiques of his life. His posts come after being spotted in the company of Sade and telling the press he’s single and “moving around.” His most recent declarations on Instagram Story posts went off on social media.

“I just need the whole world to understand this. Your opinions of me and my personal life don’t mean ANYTHING to me,” Ne-Yo wrote. “My kids love me. My women love me. My future is bring as f**k. I don’t even have tome to concern myself with what y’all think. I feel like the father in ‘The Nutty Professor. You really think I be listening to you. Ion be listening to you,” he wrote on one post.

The father of seven compared himself to Omarion in the unbothered category and bragged about his ‘good life.’ He included his “healthy smart kids” and “beautiful baby mamas’ on his list.

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In slanted bold white font against a black background, Ne-Yo aired somebody (no names said) or everyone out.

“I might come from the Omarion school of unbotheredness. I hope everybody that needs to see this sees it. Cause I’ve already wasted too much time trying to let y’all know.” He added, “Feel how you wanna feel about me, Imma still sleep good as hell tonight and every night following. Meanwhile you mad cause I’m living. How’s that working out for you?”



Ne-Yo Says He's 'Enjoying The Single Life' Post-Divorce

The superstar told TMZ about his life post-divorce from Crystal Renay. And the affair turned two-time daddy with influencer Sade. Renay exposed Ne-Yo and Sade’s involvement after revealing they welcomed a child in a social media post. Days later, she filed for divorce.

Since then, the singer has welcomed another child with the influencer while agreeing to pay Renay $12,000 in monthly child support for their three children.

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And while he says he’s “moving around,” Sade recently gave her followers a glimpse at her “sexy a** baby daddy” on her Insta-Story. In another clip, Ne-Yo flicked his tongue at Sade’s lens while seeing jokingly singing one of Ne-Yo’s songs at a poolside function.



Ne-Yo Says He Has 'Healthy Smart Kids, Limitless Bank Accounts, Beautiful Baby Mamas'

In his multi-post rant this weekend, Ne-Yo says he feels blessed with his children, their mothers and his money flow.

“Back to regularly scheduled program. Healthy smart and beautiful kids, limitless bank accounts, beautiful baby mamas (front of you want to, they all bad.) And lady friends that love my dirty drawls. Life is good.”

And if anyone is wondering, he says the reason behind his smile is genuine happiness.

“Ion smile all the time just because my sh*t is beautiful. I smile cause I’m HAPPY AS F**K. Go get you some.”

We’re not sure which “lady friends” Ne-Yo is referring to. But aside from sharing three with Crystal and two with Sade, the singer also shares two children with ex-fiancée Monyetta Shaw.

As for Ne-Yo, he’s been flashing those pearly whites on camera since days after Crystal exposed his ‘single’ life.


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