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Too Rich For You! Here’s Why Robert Ross—Bill Gates’ Daughter Phoebe’s Boyfriend—Had Twitter In A Frenzy


While everyone and their momma is already familiar with Bill Gates, his 20-year-old daughter—Phoebe Gates—recently became the center of attention on social media.

Specifically, Phoebe and her boyfriend Robert Ross, who is Black, were the talk of Twitter, though the commentary was rooted in some different misconceptions about him.


Twitter Reacts To The News: 'A Little Piece Of Reparations'

Although the interracial couple’s relationship has been on public display since mid-to-late 2022, photos of Phoebe and Robert boo’d up at a wedding recently started circulating.

One tweet that caught a ton of traction shared a screenshot of the couple and added, “Bill Gates daughter and her boyfriend. Can you see how hard he’s smiling[?] I understand my brother.”


This viral tweet about Ross’ gleaming smile spawned a number of responses, with most people relishing in how Robert Ross had “hit the jackpot.” Many also declared that they need similar luck in their love lives.


One user made a video on the relationship and proclaimed that Robert dating Bill Gates’s daughter was “a little piece of reparations.” He also noted that Robert Ross was full of “pure Black boy joy” as “he know he ain’t supposed to be there.”

Additionally, he said that Phoebe’s boyfriend was “doin’ this for [Black men]” everywhere.


However, a few users sought to set the record straight. They pointed out that while people are “feeling solidarity” with Robert and hyping him up, he’s been in a completely different tax and “social bracket” from jump.


It was also noted that Robert is “on a wonderful path on his own.”


Robert Ross Is Makin' Moves In Tech

Building off this point, it’s important to share information on who exactly Robert Ross is.

First off, according to his LinkedIn profile, he’s a two-time Stanford University computer science graduate who served as Class President for three years.

He’s also the co-founder of an AI tool called Lume, which “helps engineering teams build and maintain custom data integrations with no code.”



Additionally, Ross describes himself as being “extremely passionate about leveraging technology to build products that tackle the most pertinent issues facing our society.” IKTR!


So, while many are speculating that Robert Ross was movin’ up by dating Phoebe Gates, it’s clear that he’s already doing great on his own!

We should also add that Phoebe touched on the subject during a sit-down with The Information. She noted that there are “misconceptions and conspiracy theories” floating around her and Ross, and she’s firmly “done being memed for being in an interracial relationship.”


What do you think about Phoebe Gates’s relationship with Robert Ross?


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