Reginae Carter & Ar'mon Warren Clash As YK Osiris Enters Chat

Reginae Carter & Ar’mon Warren Air Out Relationship Drama As YK Osiris Shoots His Shot AGAIN


Reginae Carter & Ar'mon Warren Air Out Relationship Drama As YK Osiris Shoots His Shot AGAIN

On the heels of Reginae Carter — Lil Wayne‘s daughter — dealing with an attempted home invasion, some internet drama has broken out between her and Ar’mon Warren.

From Reginae feeling unsupported by Ar’mon after the attempted robbery to Warren saying he’s “lost all respect” for her, the pair popped off.

And to top it all off, YK Osiris had to hop in and shoot his shot, which caused some extra drama.

Here’s a rundown of the entire situation.

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The Drama Kicked Off With A YouTube Video

The matter appears to have been sparked after Reginae took issue with some comments Ar’mon shared during a recent YouTube video.

After shutting down cheating rumors, Warren told viewers that he would “never” bash his relationship online.

“There’s people waiting to see if I bash Nae… I would never do that.”

He also spoke on the current state of Atlanta while acknowledging the attempted break-in at Reginae’s.

“A whole bunch of s**t just been going on in Atlanta. One of my close friends told me that somebody broke into they house, and now somebody breaking into Reginae house.”


Reginae & Ar'mon Exchange Words Online: "Love Bombing Is A Thing"

After getting word of Ar’mon’s video, Reginae hopped on Twitter and sounded off.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Reginae spoke on how she “hate[s] clout chasers.” She also noted, “Love bombing is a thing. Know the difference.”

For context, the Cleveland Clinic defines love bombing as “a form of psychological and emotional abuse that involves a person going above and beyond for you in an effort to manipulate you.”

In turn, Ar’mon proclaimed that he “lost all respect” for Reginae, whom he accused of “play[ing] the victim.”

He also noted that he was “always respectful” while proclaiming, “My love was never fake, so I can’t get on here and do all that extra s**t.”


Reginae Clears The Air On IG Live: "I'm Not Perfect"

Reginae later hopped on Instagram Live and further explained the situation. She acknowledged that while “weird stuff” has been going on, she and Ar’mon have been “great” to each other.

“I’ve been great to Ar’mon; Ar’mon’s been great to me. But there has been things with weird stuff going on…so I have to stay on my toes.”

After noting that they’re both “good people” who are “go[ing] through things,” Reginae apologized.

“I’m not perfect, nor is he…I apologize for puttin’ y’all in my business and making it seem like I am trying to bash somebody, ’cause I’m not. I’m just so emotional.”

She added, “I wear my emotions on my sleeves and on the internet because that’s how our generation is.”

She also explained her “clout chasing” and “love bombing” accusations.

“Something very big happened to me. And the person who I love did not check on me. But he made a YouTube video. So, yes — I do feel that is a little clout-chasing. I do feel like that’s love bombing. I do.”

Reginae emphasized, “That’s the person that I love, and he didn’t make sure I was okay.”

While continuing, she apologized for “puttin’ [her fans] in everything” before speaking about her love for Ar’mon.

“I love Ar’mon. I don’t want nobody to bash him. We are both young. We are both going through things differently. And we don’t see stuff the same — and that’s okay.”


YK Osiris Enters & Stirs Up Some Drama With Ar'mon!

Finally, we have to point out that YK Osiris also decided to hop into the mess!

Beneath one of The Shade Room‘s Instagram posts on the matter, the artist slid into the comment section and proclaimed, “Awwww I knew I would be the one.”

Notably, this wasn’t the first such instance, as he decided to shoot his shot back in 2020.


On his Instagram Story, YK was sure to show Reginae some thoughtful support.

“You are a beautiful woman you should always speak your mind. Especially when a lame a** n***a making u look bad.”

Ar’mon and YK Osiris ultimately exchanged words via DM, with the “Worth It” singer threatening to “slap the s**t” out of Warren. Unfazed, Ar’mon called YK Osiris a “b***h” and “p***y” before adding, “Ima see you.”


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