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Report: Don Lemon Accused Of Exhibiting Misogyny & ‘Diva-Like Behavior’ At CNN


On the heels of Don Lemon‘s commentary about politician Nikki Haley not being “in her prime” as a 51-year-old woman, Variety has published a report that lists various other alleged instances of the CNN host being problematic.

Specifically, the piece is composed of conversations with “more than a dozen former and current colleagues” who accused Lemon of “displaying open hostility to many female co-workers.”


The Run-Down On Don Lemon's Alleged Beef With Numerous Colleagues

The report cites instances between Don Lemon and various on-air reporters, including Nancy Grace, Soledad O’Brien, and Kyra Phillips.

Regarding Philips, Lemon is accused of harboring resentment towards her, as she was selected for an assignment in Iraq instead of him. In turn, according to two staffers, Lemon ripped up photos and notes that were on Phillips’ desk.

Additionally, once she returned to the U.S., she received a threatening text from an unknown number. Reportedly, an HR-led investigation traced the texts back to Lemon.

As for Nancy Grace, Lemon is cited as openly mocking and mimicking her on camera, and she’s alleged to have seen him as “rude, dismissive and really unfamiliar with the content being discussed.”

Regarding this incident, one witness noted, “That was the beginning of when you knew that Don was kind of volatile and didn’t say good things about women.”


He Allegedly Has 'A Habit Of Saying Idiotic & Inaccurate Things'

Segueing from Lemon’s alleged beef with Grace and Philips, his situation with Soledad O’Brien is reported as having been particularly personal.

In fact, during a call of about 30 staffers, Don Lemon is accused of suggesting that O’Brien—who is Afro-Cuban—”isn’t Black.” This was reportedly over him being upset that O’Brien was selected as the host of CNN’s Black in America docuseries.

“Don always wanted to be front and center on anything high profile, especially anything involving race.”

Notably, in response to this allegation, O’Brien says, “Don has long had a habit of saying idiotic and inaccurate things, so it sounds pretty on brand for him.”

Similarly, former CNN consultant Goldie Taylor says she’s “never surprised when Don gets in trouble.”

“It makes me neither happy nor sad to see him undermine his own success. There was a time when it appeared that Black people were most often the subject of his ire. Now, it seems to me that when he says something offensive, there’s almost always a woman on the other side”


Don Lemon Is Accused Of 'Diva-Like Behavior'

All in all, Lemon was described as allegedly exhibiting “diva-like behavior” at work on a constant basis.

From reportedly skipping editorial calls to “generally exhibiting disengaged behavior,” people had plenty to say about how Don was in the workplace.

“As fast as you could make a rule, Don would bend it.”

In fact, the publication reports that one former senior executive recalled Don’s antics as leading to a “come-to-Jesus moment” at one point.

“That led to a come-to-Jesus moment. Don was told, ‘Look, you’ve got to address your behavior. Your performance as a reporter is great. It’s your behavior that’s gotta improve. It’s what’s going to derail you if you’re not careful.”


Don Lemon hasn’t publicly addressed the Variety report following its publication.


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