Saucy Santana Says He Respects IDK For ‘Pinot Noir’ Feature And Seeing His Talent Beyond Sexual Orientation

Saucy Santana has never been shy about bringing his full self to the table. He dipped his likely manicured toes into the rap game in 2019 with his debut single, “Walk ‘Em Like A Dog,” and has been stepping since! He found widespread popularity on social media that translated to streams for hits like “Walk” and “Material Girl.” Now he’s thanking rapper IDK, full name Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, for seeing talent beyond him being an openly gay, femme male rapper.

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Santana has already dealt with hesitation from record labels, per NPR. But he also mentioned that [rap peers] can be frozen by the fear of backlash. Meanwhile, IDK wasn’t worried about nun’ of that, per Santana.

“I want to show gratitude to him for including me in his space, him being a straight male rapper, me being an openly gay male rapper. A lot of people be scared of the backlash or what people might think, but I respect him for noticing me as talent. Talent is undeniable. He wasn’t worried about what I rapped about, who I am, how he thought I would act, what anyone would think, he just saw talent. He saw me for what I could bring to his record and I just want to show him gratitude, appreciation.”

Santana ended his public praise by encouraging his supporters to download IDK’s album. He called “Pinot Nior,” which also features Jucee Froot, the “hit of the summer period.”


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