'Pinot Noir': Saucy Santana Thanks IDK For Seeing His Talent

Saucy Santana Says He Respects IDK For ‘Pinot Noir’ Feature And Seeing His Talent Beyond Sexual Orientation


'Pinot Noir': Saucy Santana Thanks IDK For Seeing His Talent

Saucy Santana has never been shy about bringing his full self to the table. He dipped his likely manicured toes into the rap game in 2019 with his debut single, “Walk ‘Em Like A Dog,” and has been stepping since! He found widespread popularity on social media that translated to streams for hits like “Walk” and “Material Girl.” Now he’s thanking rapper IDK, full name Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, for seeing talent beyond him being an openly gay, femme male rapper.

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Santana has already dealt with hesitation from record labels, per NPR. But he also mentioned that [rap peers] can be frozen by the fear of backlash. Meanwhile, IDK wasn’t worried about nun’ of that, per Santana.

“I want to show gratitude to him for including me in his space, him being a straight male rapper, me being an openly gay male rapper. A lot of people be scared of the backlash or what people might think, but I respect him for noticing me as talent. Talent is undeniable. He wasn’t worried about what I rapped about, who I am, how he thought I would act, what anyone would think, he just saw talent. He saw me for what I could bring to his record and I just want to show him gratitude, appreciation.”

Santana ended his public praise by encouraging his supporters to download IDK’s album. He called “Pinot Nior,” which also features Jucee Froot, the “hit of the summer period.”



IDK Says Saucy Santana Is On 'Pinot Noir' Because He "Heard A Very Talented Artist'

Saucy Santana’s gratitude video comes amid IDK also addressing his choice to work with Santana. To sum it up, the Maryland-raised rapper stands by his decision to tap Santana for his album track.

“And also, I don’t have to be a gay rapper to be an openly gay rapper on my song…I heard the beat, and I heard a very talented artist by the name of Saucy Santana on that beat. I love him forever for taking that risk with me. Now we have a banger for the summer,” IDK tweeted.

IDK, legal name Jason Mills, popped onto the scene in 2019 with his debut album “Is It Real?” under his now-stage name. Even then, the rapper dug through taboo subjects like questioning God’s existence and human biology. IDK chose his rap career while serving a prison stint at 17.

His collaboration with Santana wouldn’t surprise core fans because Mills has always stood by keeping his circles open.

“I hang out with everybody. I’ve always been like how I am musically. You’ll always see a bunch of people on my projects that you may think don’t really make sense,” IDK told NME in 2020. “I work with everybody that I f**k with.”


IDK, Saucy Santana & Jucee Froot Serve 'Summertime On The Block' Vibes In 'Pinot Noir' Video

Released on May 9, the official music video for “Pinot Noir” closes out at a little over three minutes.

IDK takes the opening of the track with his upbeat sample of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” The video is filmed in black and white with a “summertime on the block” vibe–down to chilling on the brownstone stoop.

And Santana brought his usual energy–no hiding his raunchy bars or usual frills, including his lengthy claws and signature dark sunglasses.

“Can’t f**k no n***a with no broke d**k energy. Now he pushing my buttons, he thinkin’ ’bout sex. But all my time gon’ cost you a check. This highway curves gon’ cause you a wreck,” Santana raps. Later closing the verse with, “I’II get freaky if the bread right (Ow) And if the head right, I’ll be there every night. If the d**k good, I’ll be there every day. Face down, a*s up, roll play, anime.”

Santana told NPR his team has always embraced all he is. But the story isn’t the same for those on the outside.

“…Somebody suggested that I acted as if I was bisexual. I was like, no. I got a big fanbase really fast. People had already fell in love with Santana. I don’t like corny sh*t, and to me that was corny. I’m gay. And I’m Santana. I’m gonna still get my nails done. My face still gonna be beat. I don’t have to play like I’m bisexual, like I have a girlfriend, to impress nobody.”

Over on Twitter, Santana reacted to IDK’s Twitter reaction to the feature.

“Let’s go!!!! Appreciate you!!! Real n***as do real things,” Santana said.


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