Saweetie Says She Spent Her First Rap Check On A Boob Job

Saweetie Says She Spent Her First $10K Rap Check On A Boob Job (Video)



Rapper Saweetie is reflecting on her first-ever rap performance and the $10,000 check that accompanied it.


The "Icy Girl" Rapper Reflected On Her First-Ever Performance In Turkey

The 29-year-old Bay Area native reflected on her early rap career during a recent interview with HipHopDX’s Jeremy Hecht.

During the interview, she was asked to recall her first-ever rap performance.

“My first show was in Turkey… Istanbul”

Saweetie replied.

“They paid me ten bands… to perform ‘ICY GRL.'”

Astonished, the interviewer replied.

“Just one song for ten bands?”

Saweetie confirmed.



Saweetie Shares What She Spent The $10,000 Check On

The interviewer then questioned Saweetie about what she spent her first-ever $10,000 rap check on.

Saweetie looked coyly up at the camera and shared.

“some boobs.”

As Saweetie walked away from the interviewer, she playfully grabbed her chest.


Social Media Users React

Social media users were quick to take to the comments of HipHopDX’s interview clip and share their reactions to Sweetie’s revelation.

The first included a reaction from the interviewer himself, @jeremy_hecht.

“The 10k was a career investment… Saweetie is hilarious”

Another social media user, @mckenziehollis, commented using Saweetie’s signature phrase.

“I know das right”



The Song That Earned Saweetie A $10K Check Recently Came Under Criticism By Rapper Khia

Saweetie’s 2017 debut single “ICY GRL” may have earned her her first-ever performance and $10,000 rap check, however, the single has since been criticized by fellow female rapper Khia.

As The Shade Room previously reported, “ICY GRL” samples Khia’s 2001 hit single “My Neck, My Back.” In a recent interview, Khia revealed that Saweetie’s sample of the single is her “least favorite.”

“Least favorite would be Saweetie… ‘sweet pea’ — I don’t like her. I don’t think she did it any justice.”

In a video clip shared via Twitter, Khia went on to mumble the beginning of Saweetie’s “ICY GRL.”

Then she continued.

“She used ‘My Neck, My Back’… But I didn’t like that.”

Roommates, what do you think of Saweetie’s decision to use her first rap check for a boob job? Also, do you agree with Khia’s criticism of Saweetie’s single “ICY GRL”?


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