Shereé Whitfield Dishes On Being A First-Time 'Glam-ma'

Shereé Whitfield Dishes On Being A First-Time ‘Glam-ma’ While Showin’ Off Granddaughter (PHOTOS)


Shereé Whitfield Glam Ma Granddaughter PHOTOS

As Shereé Whitfield‘s relationship with Martell Holt takes center stage on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the mother-of-three is taking a moment to highlight another important person in her life: her first grandchild, Mecca Joie Whitfield!

Shereé’s son—Kairo Whitfield, 27—welcomed Mecca back in July with his girlfriend, Alina Baber. Since then, the RHOA OG has totally embraced her new reality as a grandparent.

Here’s what she had to say about being a “Glam-ma.”

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Shereé Speaks On How "Special" Having A Grandbaby Is

During a sit-down with PEOPLE, Shereé gushed about her grandchild while sharing some photos of the infant.

“She’s adorable; the sweetest, cutest little girl. She has the curliest hair, the best smile, and is such a happy baby. I’m excited when I see her, but when we see each other, she gets so, so excited. It melts your heart!”

Additionally, Shereé spoke on how “special” the experience of having a new baby in the family has been.

“It’s been so special to have her in our family, and it gets more and more special every day as I watch her grow. Just seeing the person she’s becoming, the way she reacts to me, the bond we’re building… it’s just so cool.”

She added, “I’ve always been close with my kids, but having Mecca has definitely brought another level of closeness and love into my family.”


Kairo Is "Hands-On" While Shereé Claims "Glam-ma" Title

Whitfield also pointed out that Mecca’s arrival has allowed her to see a new side of Kairo.

“I love her, but I’m also just so proud of watching Kairo step up and be a dad. He’s such a hands-on father and it’s really incredible to see…He’s over there doing everything, and it makes me tear up to see it.”

However, while her son’s now a full-fledged dad, don’t you go around calling Shereé a “grandma!”

In true Real Housewives fashion, Whitfield instead prefers to be known as a “glam-ma.”

“No, no, I’m not a grandma. I’m a Glam-ma. And she’ll call me GG, which stands for Gorgeous Glam-ma.”

She quipped, “I’m starting a new trend for grandmas: hot grandmas!”


Meaning Behind Mecca Joie Whitfield's Name

Before wrapping up, the reality star also provided insight into Mecca’s name.

“Kairo came up with the name, it means the center of his world…He picked Mecca because Mecca is the center of the world, and his daughter is the center of his world.”

As for her middle name, Joie, Shereé says it was chosen because Mecca is also “the center of his joy.”

Whitfield finished off by noting how much of an impact Mecca’s arrival has had on her, along with speaking on how “spoiled” she is.” However, Shereé “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“My home looks like a play pad. It’s like a nursery! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mecca is spoiled, but she’s going to be so much more spoiled. Mecca’s going to want for nothing. That’s my girl.”


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