5 Times NeNe Leakes Kept It Real & Dropped Wisdom On 'RHOA'

5 Times NeNe Leakes Kept It Real & Dropped Wisdom On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’


NeNe Leakes

With another season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta heading our way, it’s essential to take a step back and pay homage to the show’s OG breakout star: NeNe Leakes.

While she’s most often acknowledged for her reads, “memeability,” or funny moments, Leakes has also offered some gems of wisdom during her tenure.

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recognize some of the times NeNe Leakes kept it real with her advice on RHOA.


Calling Out Control

Back when Porsha Williams joined RHOA as the wife of former NFL star Kordell Stewart, Leakes immediately sensed something was awry.

During a girls’ trip to Las Vegas, Williams protested against going to a strip club, as “Kordell would not be okay with that.”

In her confessional, Leakes declared, “I get it. I can always spot a b***h who’s being controlled.”

“I have been through every experience in my life. I get it. I can always spot a b***h who’s being controlled. I’m a good judge of character—I got you.”

Despite this observation, Williams declared, “I don’t like to see a woman sell her body like that. Strip clubs make me sad.”

After Williams left and the remaining cast members hit the strip club, Leakes acknowledged that women can “respect” their relationships while still being independent.

“You know, men can tend to be controlling. You can respect your relationship [and] still be an independent woman.”

Later, Leakes continued to speak on the importance of staying true to yourself and not existing in the shadow of a man.

“My heart always goes out to Porsha because you lose yourself when you’re dating a successful guy and he can provide [everything]. You end up living their dream and not your dream. And the truth is, they honestly have a little bit of control.”


Spotting Marital Issues

Leakes also unapologetically chimed in on the state of Kenya Moore‘s relationship with her estranged husband, Marc Daly.

After things were tense between Moore and Daly at a Season 12 event, Leakes described their relationship as “an agreement.”

“The few times I’ve seen Kenya and Marc together, they’ve never been lovey-dovey… It’s almost like it’s an agreement.”

This scene also contained a voice-over of Moore observing, “All of the couples seem to be happy [and] enjoying each other so much. I’m just really disappointed.”

Moore and Daly later separated and are finalizing their ongoing divorce, though it looks like Leakes had long sensed that things were off. After all, body language and interactions are very telling!


Serving Up Tough Love

Another example shows Leakes utilizing tough love and giving her older son, Bryson, a stern talking-to.

After he began to get into some legal trouble and speak out against Leakes’ expectations, Leakes popped OFF on her son.

“You have the audacity to sit here and tell me that I’m tough on you? And you went and got your a** arrested?… I pay the bills to be here. I buy all the food that you’re cooking. I pay for the maid service…I do that. Me! And I’m being tough on you?”

She iconically wrapped the conversation by saying, “You done lost your d*mn mind. When you get your d*mn mind, you call me.”

We should also add that Leakes refused to bail Bryson out shortly before this interaction, showing that she was serious about enforcing tough love. Additionally, she spoke on issues many parents face with their children being unappreciative or rebellious.


Knowing The Rules Of Reality

In another instance involving Williams, Leakes offered her advice at the Season 8 Reunion after Williams had been in numerous on-screen physical altercations.

In response, Williams attempted to turn the tables by asking Leakes, “Didn’t you choke somebody?” This appears to have been a reference to speculation that Leakes choked Kim Zolciak during a disagreement, and it humorously caused Kandi Burruss Tucker to begin laughing.

However, Leakes was unfazed and responded, “Have you seen me choke anybody?”

“First of all, if I have, I bet you I was smart enough to not have it on the camera.”

In a world where cameras are difficult to avoid, Leakes made it very clear that one simple rule still stands: if there aren’t any receipts, it didn’t happen!

She also advised Williams, “Porsha, you cannot put your hands on anybody else.”


Demanding Support In Her Time Of Need

During her “Bye, Wig!” Party in Season 11, Leakes got into a back-and-forth with Marlo Hampton.

Specifically, Leakes took issue with Hampton fighting with her while she was “going through something.”

“If you have a friend that’s in pain and hurting, how do you come to them yelling and fussin’?”

In response to Hampton pushing back against this narrative, Leakes demanded that Hampton support her.

“Support me, b***h!” Don’t be f**king fighting with me. I’m going through everything.”

After some more back-and-forth, Leakes ultimately broke down in tears, showing that she was truly baring it all and getting raw with her emotions.

All in all, Leakes made it clear that — when loved ones are going through tough times — people have to meet them where they are.


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