Tamera Kissen Suggests Criticism Over City Girls Interview Is Because She's Not 'Full Black'

Tamera Kissen Suggests Confusion Over Viral City Girls Interview Is Because She’s Not ‘Full Black,’ Stirs Reactions


Comedian Tamera Kissen is speaking out after facing criticism for her recent viral interview with the rap duo the City Girls.

Kissen, known online as HimynamesTee, interviewed the performers after their set at Hip Hop festival Rolling Loud in California, this past weekend. Kissen’s questions and chemistry with the artists in a clip circulating online were criticized as “awkward” and unprofessional by many viewers.

In the clip, Yung Miami and Kissen realized they had met before, but are unable to recall the details, leading to an uncomfortable silence.

The seemingly uncomfortable exchange between Kissen and the City Girls quickly circulated online, with some suggesting that the comedian was not prepared for the interview and was unable to connect with the artists.


Kissen's 'Awkward' City Girls Interview Goes Viral

Tamera, who is a regular on Nick Cannon’s improv comedy show Wild N’ Out is no stranger to getting attention online, amassing over one million social media followers.

However, Kissen’s interview went viral on Twitter for not being funny to viewers, sparking a conversation about the representation of journalists in the entertainment industry, particularly Black women.


Some commenters pointed out Kissen’s apparent lack of research ahead of the interview, where she incorrectly refers to the occasion being the “50th day of Hip Hop,” instead of the genre’s 50th anniversary which falls this year.


Tamera Kissen Defends Herself In Tweets, Seemingly Blames Backlash On Her Appearance

While Kissen has not directly addressed the criticism of her interview skills, she did take to Twitter to suggest that she was facing backlash over her appearance and ethnicity.

In one tweet, Kissen wrote:

“The community really don’t f**k with you if you ain’t full black, let’s just be honest.”

The tweet suggested that some viewers were attacking her based on her race.

The “Wild N’ Out” star added that the interview footage was raw and unedited in her defense.



Critics Respond To Kissen Blaming Backlash On Being Biracial

In response to Kissen’s tweets about facing criticism over her appearance and ethnicity, some Twitter users pushed back, denying that anyone was calling her out based on her race.

One person wrote, “No babe. No one cares about you being mixed & that isn’t the reason the interview isn’t being received well. The interview just wasn’t good. Take this as an opportunity to learn & grow.”


Others echoed this sentiment, suggesting that Kissen’s comments about facing criticism over her looks were a distraction from the real issue at hand – the quality of her interview with the City Girls.


After receiving feedback, the comedian has not left any further comments on the situation.

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