Twitter Reacts To Tems' Over-The-Top Oscars 2023 Gown

Twitter Reacts To Tems’ Eye-Catching Oscars 2023 Outfit


Tems showed out at the 95th installment of the Academy Awards, though there were some mixed reactions to her outfit choice.

For the event, the “Free Mind” singer—who was nominated in the “Best Original Song” category—opted to don a stunning white gown, which was designed by Lever Couture. This dress notably also featured a headpiece that added to the mystique of the look, and it was certainly a whole moment on the red carpet.

However, Tems’ awe-inspiring design choice wasn’t without controversy, as some Twitter users were not fans of how the dress obstructed others audience members’ view of the award show.


Twitter Is Divided On Tems' Outfit

It all began after images began circulating that showed how, due to Tems’ decision to continue wearing the outfit while sitting in the audience, the people behind her were stuck in a less-than-ideal situation.


One particularly popular tweet picked up steam after the user compared the gown to “a stratus cloud.”


Additionally, a humorous clip showed how Tems had a woman sitting behind her “fighting for her life.”


Some were a bit more upset, though, as they took to social media to call her decision to wear the obstructive dress “inconsiderate” and “disrespectful.”


However, others proceeded to rush to Tems’ defense, with one user proclaiming that she “support[s] BLACK women’s wrongs” and believes that “Tems did not mean to block anybody.”


Of course, some also took the opportunity to joke about and spoof the look.


Some point of view (POV) memes were also employed to get Twitter users to empathize with the people sitting behind Tems.


Tastily, the outfit was even compared to top-tier meringue.


As a result of all the chatter—positive, negative, and/or humorous—it was noted that “Tems is the topic,” which is “all that matters” at the end of the day.


What do you think about Tems’ outfit for the 2023 Oscars, and would you have been heated if you were sitting behind her?


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