Tokyo Toni Celebrates Blac Chyna’s Birthday With 'Angela' Tattoo

WATCH: Tokyo Toni Celebrates Blac Chyna’s Birthday By Tattooing ‘Angela’ Across Her Heart


WATCH: Tokyo Toni Celebrates Blac Chyna’s Birthday By Tattooing 'Angela' Across Her Heart

Blac Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni, recently shared an incredibly heartfelt moment after Toni surprised Chyna with a special gift for her 35th birthday.

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Blac Chyna Shared A Heartwarming Video Of Her Mother's Gift To Her

On Thursday evening, Chyna took to social media to share a video with her followers. At the beginning of the video, Tokyo Toni and Chyna can be seen embracing one another very affectionately.

“They be putting on a front for the ‘gram…”

An individual recording the two can be heard saying.

The video then cuts to Tokyo Toni and Chyna standing before the camera.

“Let me see what you just [did]…”

Chyna says to her mother.

Tokyo Toni then pulls down the left collar of her shirt to show a fresh tattoo of Chyna’s real name, Angela.

“I’m sitting there [inaudible] — it took them five hours!”

Toni says.

“I love you!”

Chyna tells her mother with her hands cupped over her face in awe.

“And it’s HUGE — over my heart!”

Toni continues as Chyna stretches out her arms for a hug.

“That’s my baby… that’s my baby…”

Toni says as the two embrace. Chyna then drapes her head on Toni’s shoulder.


Tokyo Toni And Blac Chyna Have Had A Challenging Relationship Publicly

It’s important to note that this heartfelt moment between Chyna and her mother arrives after they previously shared some challenging moments in their relationship.

In March, Tokyo Toni appeared to mock her daughter after Chyna shared that she removed filler from her face, as reported by The Shade Room.

“‘Blac Chyna, this is so sweet [that] you’re taking your butt shots out yo face!’ B***h… what? Really? ‘Oh, we so proud of her to do that!’… Y’all some clowns…”



Before this, Chyna took to social media to explain that she loves her mother, despite Tokyo Toni’s hurtful comments.

“…I feel like we’ve tried to work out things and whatnot. Only thing I can do as a daughter is honestly just love her cause she’s still my mom at the very end of the day… So I just pray for her, I see it. It’s very hurtful. But I don’t take it to heart. I just pray about it and I give it to God and I just wash my hands with it… But I love Toni.”

However, Chyna also revealed that she “blocked” her mother on social media at the time.

“It’s no way for me to talk to her right now… just for right now. I had to respect myself and my boundaries and my peace. You know what I mean, I have others things to like worry about.”

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