Travis Scott Wants To Study Architecture At Harvard

Travis Scott Says Architecture Is His ‘True Passion’ And He Hopes To Study It At Harvard 


Travis Scott Wants To Study Architecture At Harvard While Highlighting Artistic Passions

During a sit-down with PIN-UP Magazine, Travis didn’t shy away from declaring that architecture is his “true passion.” As a result, he hopes to apply to Harvard’s architecture program once he’s “done with music.”

“Architecture is my true passion. I plan to apply to the architecture program at Harvard GSD when I’m done with music, which won’t be for a while.”

We should add that Travis is already acquainted with Harvard, as he previously taught an “AstroWorld Master Class” at the Ivy League institution.

While he says he wouldn’t want to embark on this educational pursuit until after he retires from music, Travis points out, “It would be dope to do both at the same time.” 

As Megan Thee Stallion earned her Texas Southern University degree amid her superstar career, this feat would definitely be possible!

Peep what else Travis had to say about architecture, as well as some other artistic avenues, down below.


Travis Dishes On Brutalism While Praising "Revolutionary" Architect

While on the subject of architecture, Travis Scott also expressed his fondness for brutalism, and he even brings this “spare[ness]” into his music.

“Brutalism is spare. That’s how I treat music. I like to take it all in and throw it down.”

Travis summarized his affinity for the style by noting, “In Brutalist architecture, I find comfort in raw materials that serve a purpose.”

He also touched on another design approach, postmodernism, by saying it “allows you to revisit the past in a new way.”

Finally, toward the end of his feature interview, Travis paid homage to Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, whom he called a “revolutionary.”

In other words, the artist’s architectural interests are the real deal, as he isn’t afraid to dive into detail and acknowledge the greats!


The Rapper Gives Engineering Its Flowers

Additionally, Travis Scott reflectively spoke on the power within and relevance of engineering.

In fact, he declared, “Engineering is the true foundation, the mechanics of it all—whether in architecture, design, or anything else.”

He also acknowledged that engineering is “especially important to music.” While he may not have formal training, Travis says he’s a “master engineer” when making music.

“It’s especially important to music. I didn’t go to engineering school, but when I’m making music on the computer I’m a master engineer.”


From Landscaping To Graphic Design, Travis Scott Explores His Creativity

Of course, architecture and engineering aren’t the only subjects the “Antidote” rapper touched on.

From drawing and jewelry design to furniture and cars, Travis spoke about exploring various creative outlets while sharing his appreciation for items that make a statement.

“I’m really into furniture that feels more like art, even if it might not always be the most comfortable.”

He called graphic design “one of [his] true passions” before also discussing how he takes landscaping very seriously.

“I’m finishing the landscape at my house and studio and it’s going to be better than a botanical garden…It’s inspired by amusement parks and Disney’s vibrant landscaping, but we combined that with Japanese anime elements. We also took inspiration from golf courses and how they sculpt the landscape.”

Travis noted, “[Landscaping] is very important to me. I love walking around outdoors.”


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