Twitter Gives Janet Jackson Her Flowers After K-Pop Stan Diss

Twitter Gives Janet Jackson Her Flowers After K-Pop Stan Disses Her Performance Style


Janet Jackson

After a Korean popular music (aka K-pop) fan took aim at the legendary Ms. Janet Jackson, Twitter rushed to her defense and set the record straight!


The Commentary That Sparked Twitter User's Reactions

The conversation was sparked after one user complained about how “Western artists” simply don’t bring the heat while performing.

From proclaiming that Janet “dances like a chicken” to claiming that “even the biggest names waddle on the stage,” the Twitter user came in HOT with their commentary.

The person also noted that Janet would go “straight into cardiac arrest” if she were to try and pull off other moves.


Twitter Users Promptly Defended Janet Jackson's Honor

However, others promptly began to defend Jackson’s honor by clapping back and letting it be known that the “All For You” singer is NOT to be played with.


Indeed, people were totally shocked that Janet’s performance artistry was being called into question, as she’s definitely made a more-than-solid name for herself with her stage presence.


Twitter Users Pointed Out That Janet Jackson Has Inspired "Hundreds Of Artists"

People defending Jackson also spoke on how, contrary to the initial tweet, she has inspired “hundreds of artists” with her performances, including various K-pop stars.


In fact, some people went as far as to proclaim, “Without Janet Jackson, there would be no K-pop.” Oop!


Similarly, it was acknowledged that “K-pop was invented off the backs of Black culture.” Additionally, Michael Jackson was also name-dropped as another performer who influenced the genre.


This stance was supported by a video of Janet Jackson being honored at a K-pop award show in 2018, which signified that she was “recognized as a legend” by some big names within the genre.


Supporters also shared that Janet could “wipe the floor with EASE” with her dance moves compared to K-pop idols’ moves.


As Janet Jackson continued to trend, fans continued to express their support and push back against the K-pop stan’s negative commentary.

Roommates, what are your favorite Janet Jackson moments and performances?


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