Jess Hilarious' Boyfriend: Here's What We Know

Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend? Here’s What We Know


Jess Hilarious‘ boyfriend surprised ‘Breakfast Club‘ fans when he revealed on air that she’s expecting her second child. As The Shade Room previously reported, the announcement was shared on February 13.

Additionally, the date was the comedian’s 32nd birthday!

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“Hey baby, it’s your man. I wanted to call and say Happy Birthday, I know this is a special day for you… can’t wait to see you, I’m so proud of you… love that you’re standing divine all the time, and you just such an amazing woman. I can’t wait to see you later, and then I’m so excited for our little bundle of joy as well, baby,” Chris explained when he called into the live radio show.

Since then, the comedian has returned to social media to share a baby bump update with fans. On Thursday, February 22, Jess Hilarious took to her Instagram Story to share a video. In the clip, she appeared to pose in front of a full-length mirror.

Additionally, she showed off her 14-week baby bump.

“Girl, if you don’t buss through this motherf**king six-pack, so I know it’s real,” she jokingly said. “It’s gon be a problem.”

At this point, you’re probably wondering who the lucky man is who’s expecting a child with the comedian. Well, we’ve got all the deets!

Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend: His Name Is Chris & He’s Here For The Romance

On June 22, 2023, the comedian took to Instagram and shared the first video on her feed which would feature Chris. Although the man wasn’t seen in the clip, you could tell that his presence was felt.

In the video, a woman handed the comedian a vase filled with yellow flowers. Upon the bouquet’s arrival, the comedian’s face immediately dropped as she was told, “They’re from Chris.”

From there, the comedian shared a sweet message for her boo.

In the video’s caption, Hilarious revealed what was written in her man’s note accompanying the flowers.

“‘To my other half, I’m so proud of you!’ -the note,” she wrote.


He's 29

On July 10, 2023, Hilarious took to Instagram to share footage from Chris’s birthday celebration. According to the comedian’s caption, she put together the event and curated everything from the eats to the tunes.

Additionally, she even surprised him with the “biggest moment” — flying his mother, who lives in another country, to the party.

Check it out below.

“So you celebrate the ones you love with the ones you love ❤️ Live in the moment, make good memories… THE BEST CELEBRATION 🍾 @ladyofraige2served the best drinks 🍹 @frankie_fmkprepared and catered the custom menu…all his favorite foods 😍 …and @iloswork captured all the magic moments, EVEN THE BIGGEST MOMENT, I surprised him with his mom, who loves in another country. He hadn’t seen her in a while and BOOM 💥 🤩”


A Little Awkwardness Doesn't Scare Him

In October 2023, Hilarious would return to Instagram to share a compilation video of photos from what appears to be a rendition of the viral awkward photoshoots with her boo.

From the awkward wheelbarrow poses to the not-quite-right backdrops, it’s obvious that Chris definitely has a sense of humor.


He's Down For The Funny Moments

In November 2023, the comedian took to Instagram to show off her and Chris’ outing to Chuck E. Cheese — IKDR!

The pair made it a point to show that no matter how old you are or how silly you feel, you should always enjoy fun moments with your partner.

“DON’T FORGET TO actually HAVE FUN with your partner ❤️ Especially if you both work so hard 🙏🏾 ,” the comedian wrote in the caption of her post on Instagram.


He Has A Relationship With Her Son

Later that month, Hilarious returned to Instagram to show Chris cheffin’ it up alongside her son, Ashton. From the looks of it, the pair also seemed to be enjoying the festivities alongside Hilarious’ mom, who also is seen embracing Chris.


His Love Language Might Just Be Physical Affection

In December, Hilarious returned to the platform to share another flick of her in Chris. In the shot, she can be seen wrapping her arms and legs around him as he holds her up.

Additionally, he plants a loving kiss on her cheek.

In the caption of her post, Hilarious added two words.

“Love Language”


At this point, this is all we know about Hilarious and her boo. However, we should make it clear that the comedian’s current man, Chris, is not to be confused with one of her previous boos — also named Chris.

Back in 2018, the comedian showcased their relationship with funny skits.

However, before the end of that year, the pair appeared to go their separate ways, per Bossip.



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