Woman Gets The SAME Blueface Tattoo As Chrisean Rock (Video)

Ink Olympics!? Woman Claiming To Also Be In Love With Blueface Gets THE SAME Tattoo As Chrisean Rock (Video)


Ink Olympics!? Woman Claiming To Also Be In Love With Blueface Gets THE SAME Tattoo As Chrisean Rock (Video)

It looks like Chrisean Rock isn’t the only woman using a tattoo to show her support for Blueface!

Bonnie Lashay, a former cast member on Blue’s short-lived reality show, made it known on Wednesday (Jan. 31) that she’s never leaving the rapper. Multiple posts on Bonnie’s social media alleges she had a sexual relationship with Blue, while TMZ has addressed her as “his admitted side chick.”

As previously reported, Blueface turned himself in to the police earlier this month over a probation violation. He will reportedly remain behind bars until July, per a previous TMZ report.

Meanwhile, Bonnie flexed her inked commitment on Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 30) and again on Wednesday. She got the SAME tattoo as Chrisean Rock, meaning a mugshot on the cheek. The main difference is that her cheek tattoo is below the belt on that peach! It’s unclear if the Blueface tattoo on Bonnie is permanent.

Watch the video of Bonnie’s inked art below.

Women With Same Bleuface Tattoo As Chrisean Professes Love For Him

Two weeks ago, Bonnie shared her dislike for Blueface’s other “women,” including Chrisean and Jaidyn Alexis on the track ‘That’s My Daddy.’ The cover art for the song was a photo of her and Blueface and scratched-out photos of Rock, Jaidyn, and two other women.

“I call you daddy cause you know my momma, buss down, f**k it up, th*tiana. Jaidyn, Rock Angela, Jiggy, it don’t matter cause they ain’t f**king with me.” 

Listen to the NSFW audio here.

On Wednesday, Bonnie (@therealbonnielashay) repeatedly proclaimed her love for Blue in Instagram Story posts. Her profile photo is also a mugshot of Blue.

“I love Blue soooo much. He’s gonna be my man forever,” Bonnie wrote. She added, “I miss my man y’all. I don’t want him to be mad at me anymore.” 

At the time of publishing, Chrisean hadn’t responded to the replica tattoo.


Chrisean Is Riding For Blueface, But Her Fans Seemingly Aren't Here For It

As previously reported, Chrisean standing by Blueface via a tattoo didn’t sit well with social media followers.

Between her portrait reveal on Sunday and Wednesday afternoon, the reality TV star has lost thousands of Instagram followers.

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Rock stirred a whirlwind of emotions among fans earlier this month when she alleged Blue was attempting to rekindle their relationship from behind bars.

Shortly after, she told her fans that she was moving back into Blue’s crib. She topped that news off with her new permanent ink of Blue — only a little over a month after covering up another inked portrait of Jonathan on her neck.

Chrisean popped into a West Hollywood tattoo spot to get the face work down. The shop confirmed to TMZ that she was a repeat customer when she spent four hours getting the mugshot inked last Saturday (Jan. 27).

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Bonnie & Chrisean Rock's Alleged Makeup Artist Got Into A Recent Tussle

On Jan. 12, the ‘No Jumper’ podcast shared an excerpt of a sit-down with Bonnie. Seconds into the clip, Bonnie alleges Chrisean pointed a firearm at her son.

But she was quickly interrupted by a woman claiming to be Chrisean’s makeup artist. The women eventually come face to face and even trade a few blows.

Editor’s Note:  The Shade Room has no knowledge of an altercation involving Chrisean, a weapon, and a minor at this time.  

Watch the NSFW clip here.

As the gworlz are launching ink wars over Blue, his ex-fiancée and mother of his first two children recently fangirled over her “pretty” face skin.

Will she join the support tatted support train? We’ll know in time, but for now, Jaidyn Alexis has been cozying up to a potential bae.

She was recently photographed lip-locking with a former women’s basketball player turned content creator. When exactly their romance began is unclear, but last month Jaidyn’s peeps celebrated her with a cake that read, “You Dodged A Bullet.”

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