Woman Viral After Rejecting 30 YO Man Living With His Parents

In This Economy!? Woman Goes Viral After Rejecting Idea Of 30-Year-Old Men Living With Their Parents


Woman Roasted Social Media Clowning Men Living Parents

One woman recently went viral with over 10.8 million views on an X post. But, roommates, her comment section, and replies on the post are a mix of tearing her up and backing her up! Here’s what went down.

X user @rarestofall_ started the frenzy on Feb. 8 after she gave her take on a man living with his parents at 30.

“Telling me you’re moving back in with your parents as a 30-year-old man is idk …,” she shared.

Six hundred eighty-one responses later and over 2,400 quote replies, folks are spilling their own stories of living with their parents. Others are saying they feel where @rarestofall_ is coming from.

See some of the mixed reactions below and keep scrolling for her reactions and top personal shares!

Even folks who are actually parents weighed in on the topic.

Woman Who Posted Viral Tweet Says She’s Unbothered

Days after shaking the table, @rarestofall_ let folks know she isn’t worried about reactions to her “muted” post. The X think pieces? Write them to “your mama,” her words!

And today, she gave an example of why she’s not here for her man cohabitating with his parents.

“I can’t imagine sneaking into a man’s house at my big age. I will yell “Ma’am your son eating p***y in here!!! *cause who,” she wrote. 

She seemed to explain her POV on the subject when she explained that folks should be prepared for the unexpected.

“Certain things should be done by a certain time ( excluding unforeseen circumstances ) if you have ambition. If they were not completed you were not productive.” 
If you haven’t peeped by now, @rarestofall_ said what she said. She criticized society for not having the standards to encourage “urgency for progression.”
Another user seemingly agreed with the viral woman’s POV that going back home is moving comfortably.
“Thank you! things happen & the economy is bad so that would be understandable but to go live back with your parents for free at that big age is crazy,” she wrote. 
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Here's Some Of The "Think Pieces" Getting Some Love!





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