Video Shows YK Osiris & Sukihana Convo Before Kiss Attempts

Video Shows Conversation Between YK Osiris And Sukihana Before His Attempts To Kiss Her On The Lips (Exclusive)


WATCH: YK Osiris Blasted After Trying To Force A Kiss On Sukihana After Lil Duval expresses a shocked look, he declares, "You're with the right one here." Suki then appears to start singing one of YK's songs, and he joins in. He then begins to rub Sukihana's shoulders before whispering, "Holla at me." Before momentarily walking away, YK Osiris plants a peck on Suki's cheek. Visibly shocked, Sukihana inquires, "Did this just happen? Oh my God." [Insert Video]

A now-viral video shows YK Osiris recently grabbing and attempting to forcibly kiss Sukihana twice. As a result, Twitter users had more than a few things to say about the “Worth It” artist’s antics.

At this time, Sukihana and YK have not publicly reacted to the interaction or the backlash. However, fans have been looking to Suki’s recent tweets for updates, including one about sobriety.

A new video obtained by The Shade Room shows more of the conversation between Suki and YK before his attempts to kiss her on the lips.

At the start of the exclusive clip, Sukihana appears to tell YK, “I’m gon’ turn yo’ a*s out.” After Lil Duval expresses a shocked look, he declares, “You’re with the right one here.”

Suki then appears to start singing one of YK’s songs, and he joins in. He then begins to rub Sukihana’s shoulders before whispering, “Holla at me.” Before momentarily walking away, YK Osiris plants a peck on Suki’s cheek. Sukihana inquires, “Did this just happen? Oh my God.”

The Shade Room has reached out to YK and Sukihana for their statements about the interaction.



Sukihana Was Trying To Avoid YK's Smooches

In a video clip that was initially shared by Instagram account @1990nov, viewers see Sukihana and YK Osiris at Atlanta’s recent The Crew League event.

Suddenly, YK—who was massaging Suki’s bare shoulders—attempts to give her a smooch on the lips.

During the ordeal, Sukihana screams out in shock and attempts to avoid YK’s lips, though he’s undeterred and tries to kiss her again.

Notably, Lil Duval and other hosts are watching the whole thing go down, though no one intervenes or admonishes YK.

Once he finally relents, YK Osiris laughingly walks away and daps up another man.


Twitter Users Overwhelmingly Call YK Osiris Out

Once the video began circulating and gaining traction, people started to chime in online.

Although some bashed Sukihana’s hyper-sexualized public persona and past antics, most Twitter users came to Suki’s defense and called YK Osiris out.

Amber Rose also noted that her heart “breaks” for Suki, as she “was sexually assaulted and no one did anything.”

“Using her lyrics and her persona as an excuse to physically touch her and force her without her consent is absolutely disgusting,” Amber wrote.


Sukihana Shares Tweet About Going Sober

We also have to acknowledge a tweet that Sukihana made in the aftermath of the incident, though we can’t confirm whether it’s directly linked to the incident.

She candidly expressed, “I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive. I feel things more [than] the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday, but today I’ve been crying all day.”

Suki went on to say that she “want[s] to go away for awhile.”

“I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for awhile.”

On top of Sukihana’s tweet, TMZ also reports that Suki was allegedly left deeply troubled by the ordeal.


DJ AONE Also Caught Some Heat For Harassing Suki During A Kandi Burruss Interview

Aside from Sukihana’s recent incident with YK Osiris, fans also referenced an experience she had while appearing on Kandi Burruss‘ Kandi Koated Live series alongside DJ AONE and Big Gipp earlier this year.

During the sit-down, AONE suggests that he and Suki go backstage so he could “put [his] face in” her vagina and buttocks. After Kandi laughingly says that AONE is “so aggressive,” he declares, “She love that s**t though.”

Sukihana then clarifies that an interview isn’t the time or place for such antics, though DJ AONE declares that she’s “met [her] match” and refuses to relent.


Replying to @Datbitchh Well damn 😮 that’s some rs you just said idk why dudes think what applies to one man applies to them as well #suki #sukihana #baniwinnie #sukihanainterview #fyp #foryoupage #laughatthis #sukihanagoat #funnyvideos #lmao #sukihanaedit #sukihanaedits #omg #speechless #wtf #freaks #kandiburruss

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

After discussing penis sizes at another point, DJ AONE proceeds to seemingly show Suki a photo of his member.

Users mentioned this interview situation to serve as an example of how men think it’s okay to harass Suki on account of her public persona and sexually explicit lyrics.


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