YSL Public Defender Considers OnlyFans Side-Hustle

Lawyer-Turned-Luvah? YSL Public Defender Considers OnlyFans Side-Hustle As Jury Selection Stalls


As Young Thug remains in custody, the overall YSL RICO case keeps proving itself to be an all-around can of worms.

While the courts continue trying to find jurors, Angela D’Williams—one of the state-appointed defense attorneys involved in the case—is speaking out about her pay. In fact, she proclaims she may “need to start an OnlyFans” to get by.

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D’Williams does not represent Young Thug but another defendant in the case named Rodalius Ryan. Officials reportedly removed him from court last week after being suspected of carrying marijuana. After officials escorted him, video of the removal also captured screams, believed to be Ryan. They later found two marijuana bags sewn onto a second pair of Ryan’s underwear, per Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat.


Angela D'Williams Spoke On Being Underpaid For The Case: 'It Is Frustrating'

According to Atlanta News First, D’Williams recently spoke on how she may have to turn to OnlyFans to get by as the case continues.

Specifically, she noted that the Georgia Public Defender Council (GPDC) agreed to pay attorneys only $15,000 for their participation in the lengthy case, which is still struggling to get past jury selection.

As a result, D’Williams called the situation “frustrating” while noting that OnlyFans looks like a sweet option to earn some extra income.

“It is frustrating, but we were under the impression that GPDC was advocating for us. And once they put those walls up, I’m thinking I need to start an OnlyFans because I don’t know what else to do. I’m very serious. I might have to do an OnlyFans because at least I can still support my client and support me and my family.”

Reportedly, the attorney added, “I’m not sure if there will be additional funding. I’m not able to take other cases. I just need to find out what the plan is.” 

Despite jury selection commencing in January, the peer-ruling seats reportedly remain empty as of Monday.


Another YSL Lawyer Was Recently Arrested Over Prescription Meds

Speaking of YSL attorneys, we should add that this situation follows another lawyer in the case getting ARRESTED for taking prescription drugs to court.

Anastasios Manettas was detained two weeks ago, and the root of the issue was that the pills were “not in their original container.”

Notably, Manettas was also charged with “simple battery of a law enforcement officer,” as he is accused of accidentally hitting a sheriff with his phone.


The Potential Jurors Have Been WILDIN'

Of course, aside from the attorneys’ antics, the potential jurors have also been stirrin’ up some trouble.

As The Shade Room reported, a woman was sentenced to three days in jail last month for recording part of the jury selection process. She also shared this recording on social media.

Judge Glanville was sure to accompany this sentence with a stern lecture.

“You pulled out your phone and videotaped our proceedings, and that was in direct violation of the court’s orders. So, I’m going to sentence you to three days in jail…You videotaping our proceedings was just a brazen violation of these particular proceedings.”

Law&Crime Network producer Cathy Russon went on to note that, before this instance, Glanville had “already held two other potential jurors in contempt for various things.”


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