Coach Caresha! Yung Miami Shares Her 'Act Bad Starter Kit'

Put Us In Coach Caresha! Yung Miami Details Her ‘Act Bad’ Starter Kit: ‘Go Outside And Live Your MF Life’


Yung Miami Act Bad Starter Kit

More than a month before summer officially starts, Yung Miami is already giving the gworlz the tools they need to ‘act bad’ this warm weather season! The rapper, who spent the second half of 2022 in headlines for ‘acting bad’ with Diddy, released what she calls her ‘starter kit’ on Wednesday (May 17).

And Coach Caresha kept things simple with just four steps before also revealing what a “Caresha Please” summer is giving! Hint: It’s looking like sunshine and “soft girl life” vibes.

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Yung Miami Says: Fill That Belly

Taking to her Instagram Story, Caresha’s first starter kit suggestion involves padding your stomach with good eats.

“A good meal/snack before the turn up, you can’t act bad on a empty stomach,” Yung Miami wrote.

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She didn’t detail what kind of meal or snack the girlies needed to fuel that step-out energy. However, one thing Miami has made clear in the past is that “one box of pizza” isn’t it–just ask Saucy Santana about it!


I love Caresha😭😭😭 #yungmiami #careshaplease #citygirls #saucysantana

♬ Act Up – City Girls


Yung Miami Says: Balance Your Liquor With Water

Coach Caresha wants to ensure her ‘act bad’ peeps aren’t letting the liq run the show. Her suggestion? Chase your libations with that H20!

“Make sure you go your bottles/shots with some water to wash it down with or in between shots,” the City Girls rapper wrote.

So whether you’re going loco like Ms. Two Shots of Vodka below or sipping on a signature ‘Caresha Please’ cocktail, Coach ‘Resha says water is a must!


Yung Miami Says: Forget Driving, Get Driven Instead

Let the record show that for Yung Miami, ‘acting bad’ doesn’t seem to mean acting unsafe. In her starter kit, the Florida artist encouraged partygoers to link with their crew but let someone else–a sober someone else–take the wheel!

“B***h get with the gang and make sure to get a driver/Lyft so you can act the baddest,” Miami wrote.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk-driving crashes caused more than 13,300 deaths in 2021.

To break it down further, the NHTSA says about 37 people die daily in the U.S. from these crashes. So, Coach ‘Resha has a point–secure that sober driver before you and the crew paint the town red!



Yung Miami Says: Step Out & Do Ya Thing

Yung Miami’s last tip is simple and straight to the point: have fun!


Ain’t much we can add to that one, but one thing about it, Yung Miami and her friends understand this last tip “real bad.”

And the starter kit isn’t the only summer tool Yung Miami discussed on Wednesday. She also outlined what a Caresha Please summer looks like.

“Now Caresha Please summer is giving back outside girls! N***a free. DND & matching energy. With a blonde wig,” Miami wrote.

In April, the artist declared she was single, and before then, she spoke about wanting a monogamous relationship. But, she turned necks online when she popped out at the 2023 Met Gala with Diddy on her arm. Though, at the time, they both claimed it was a “good date night” in an interview with LaLa.

“We don’t put titles on it, everybody wants us to put a title on it, we don’t put titles on it. This is like my best friend in the world. One of the most beautiful people God has blessed me to meet and I’m blessed that she’s my date tonight,” Diddy told Lala.


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