Lizzo Recalls Meeting Bae Myke Wright When She Felt 'Unlovable'

Lizzo Recalls Meeting Bae Myke Wright When She Felt ‘Unlovable’ & Says They’re ‘Very Much Locked In’

While speaking on her relationship with Myke Wright, Lizzo revealed that they’re in it for the long run!

The Singer Is ‘Very Much In Love With Myke’

Lizzo dished on the subject during a Tuesday appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Right off the bat, Lizzo let it be known that she and Myke are happily exclusive—and in love. In fact, she even told other people to not even waste their time trying to pursue her.

“Don’t waste your time, honey. I am very much in love with Myke.”

The “Rumors” artist also mentioned that she and Myke had the notorious “talk” and added, “This is official.”

During the sit-down, host Howard Stern proceeded to ask if fans can expect to see Lizzo and Myke to walk down the aisle one day. In response, Lizzo proclaimed that she can’t picture herself being with anyone other than Myke. Talk about being committed!

“There’s nobody else I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.”

She went on to happily note, “We’re not playing any games with each other anymore. We’re very much locked in.”

Myke And Lizzo Reunited After Meeting In 2016

Speaking of her relationship with Myke, Lizzo explained that they initially met back in 2016 on the set of an MTV show called Wonderland. However, due to where Lizzo’s mind was at the moment, she wasn’t ready to pursue a “true, intimate relationship.”

“I had a lot of s**t to do, and I still was very much in my ‘I feel unloveable’ place, and I still was very much not where I wanted to be career-wise. Even if a person came around that I was googly gaga about, I had these wild defenses up that made it almost impossible for a true, intimate relationship to occur.”

However, the pair eventually reunited “when the time was right” and pursued a partnership. Judging by Lizzo’s comments, it sounds like she’s more than pleased with how things turned out!

Lizzo Was Previously Coy About Her Relationship

As The Shade Room previously reported, Lizzo began to open up about her relationship with Myke back in April. During a sit-down with Andy Cohen on Radio Andy, Lizzo was asked if she and Myke, who was dubbed her “mystery man” at the time, were together.

In response, Lizzo simply said, “Yeah, whatever. Yeah.”

Days later, Lizzo and Myke were spotted while out celebrating Lizzo’s 34th birthday.

Shoutout to Lizzo and Myke Wright, and we continue to wish their relationship the best!


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