Lizzo Speaks About The Current State Of The American Justice System!

Lizzo Speaks About The Current State Of The American Justice System!

In a time where there have been so many senseless murders happening within the black community, Lizzo decided to sit down and talk with her fans about the current state of the American justice system, and also spread some love and positivity during a time when so many people are angry due to recent events.

She opened up by stating that the American justice system is not broken because the system was built to protect white supremacists.

“I said this before, and I’ll say it again, we always talk about how our system is broken, but it’s not broken. The system is actually working in favor of white supremacy. If anything, we need to break this system, so that we could build a new system that is founded on equality,” said Lizzo.

She continued, “We have a long way to go before that happens, and these tragedies that continue to happen, we have to make noise. Just put justice in our own hands. You grow up, you go to school for a little bit and they teach you about one America, and then you learn that there is another America. And I’ve been heartbroken by it for most of my life. This is outright a slow genocide since the 1860s.”

Now if you’re not sure what has prompted Lizzo to deliver this message to her fans, then you need to know that Ahmaud Arbery was murdered back in February while going for a jog out Georgia. Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory, both white, said they thought Arbery was a suspect connected to recent burglaries and they were trying to make a citizen’s arrest when the shooting happened.

It wasn’t until May 7th that both men were finally taken into custody after Arbery’s story started to make its rounds.

Also this past week, Sean Reed was also killed by police in Indianapolis and the incident was caught on Facebook Live.


Check Out Lizzo’s full message below:

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