#Roommates, as most are trying to do everything they can to prevent catching the highly contagious coronavirus, apparently some inmates in Los Angeles are doing just the opposite. According to local officials, several inmates at LA County Jail are deliberately trying to infect themselves with the virus in order to secure an early release.

@LATimes reports, recent security videos show inmates at the LA County Jail passing around containers of water and taking turns drinking from it—while some were seen breathing into a single face mask. Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed that the actions of the inmates are part of a scheme to purposely get sick. You’ll recall that there was a large coronavirus outbreak at the LA County Jail last month, where within a week’s time, 21 of around 50 inmates tested positive for the virus.

Villanueva explained that he is well aware of what’s going on and despite the inmates’ efforts, they will not be given special privileges should they indeed get sick:

“It’s sad to think that someone deliberately tried to expose themselves to COVID-19. Somehow there was some mistaken belief among the inmate population that if they tested positive that there was a way to force our hand and somehow release more inmates out of our jail environment — and that’s not gonna happen.”

Villanueva further stated that when local investigators interviewed the inmates involved in the scheme, no one admitted to it. As of right now, it’s unclear who was the first to get infected in the two LA County Jail module locations where the security videos were taken, or whether inmates knew someone was sick when they were captured on video sharing the items.


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