Looney Tunes: Halle Berry Has Proof Gabriel Is Bleaching Their Daughter's Hair To Make Her Look Caucasian!

Looney Tunes: Halle Berry Has Proof Gabriel Is Bleaching Their Daughter’s Hair To Make Her Look Caucasian!


Halle Berry and her Baby’s Fava Gabriel Aubry are both two cents short of a dollar. When TMZ broke the story that Halle Berry took Gabriel to court claiming that he was straightening and coloring their daughter’s hair (blonde) to make her appear “white” I thought that Halle was on her way to the P. Ward. Gabriel denied these claims and said the chlorine from their pool and the sun was making her hair lighter.

Surely there was no way this was true, it sounded too crazy. Well, it turns out Gabriel is losing it and Halle can prove it.

Halle took her azz down to a forensic consulting lab called Microtrace to get strands of Nahla’s hair tested (that she collected from her pink hairbrush) for chemicals.


As she suspected, the results showed that Gabriel was in fact bleaching Nahla’s hair and in the process her hair suffered significant damage.

Halle Berry says Gabriel wants to rid Nahla of her African American features. So maybe she isn’t crazy at all. If this is the case, she is right to take Gabriel to court. Sources close to Gabriel claim he is a great father. However, they have yet to explain why he bleached her hair.

The judge ruled that neither parent could use chemicals on Nahla’s hair. The Judge was probably laughing through the entire trial at this foolery.
What kind of food has Gabriel been eating is my question.

We really hope that Nahla is not being affected by all of this drama. Rewind back to when Halle’s man and Gabriel got into a physical altercation when he tried to drop Nahla off. They’ve been going at it since she was born chile.

This is not a healthy situation for the child. How could they go from being lovers to fighting in the public for the world to see.

What do y’all think about this?


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