Roommates, the Dominican Republic has just mysteriously claimed another life. Less than a week after returning from her honeymoon on the island, a Louisiana woman fell sick, and has since passed away.


According to WGN news, Susan Simoneaux and her husband, Keith Williams, traveled to Punta Cana shortly after jumping the broom. Less than a week later, however, Susan was reportedly rushed to the hospital with fluid in her lungs.


Her husband said they were not aware of the nine other American tourists who passed away while in DR, nor did they know that dozens of others had fallen ill.


“I would’ve never went if I would have known,” Keith said. “I did not know to be honest with you.”


The cause of Susan’s sickness is still under investigation, as doctors are performing an autopsy of her body. Although investigations are still ongoing as to the cause of the other passings, authorities are speculating counterfeit alcohol as the cause.


As we previously reported, the FBI is investigating mini bars in the resorts where victims stayed. Despite Dominican authorities insisting there are no similarities in the deaths, the FBI believes otherwise.


All victims were healthy adults, who drank alcohol from the mini bars during their stay.


Many social media users have already expressed that they will no longer be traveling to DR, but regional security director, Matthew Bradley, insists DR is still the place to vacation.


“These incidents, while recent, in my mind don’t indicate Dominican Republic is any less safe than it was before,” he said. “I would tell people to continue with the trips.”


So, Roomies, are y’all traveling to DR for vacation?