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M.A.C Cosmetics “M.A.C.nificent Me” Campaign Embraces Plus Size Women

M.A.C Cosmetics has once again found a way to redefine the face of beauty with their new campaign called M.A.Cnificent Me”.

The cosmetic pioneers selected six unique individuals who all proved to be magnificent in their own way but one of the chosen models definitely has everyone talking! Meet LuzMaria Vargas, a plus size woman who is standing for all like herself.


According to NYLON Magazine, Vargas is from Anaheim, California and was shocked to find out she was chosen for this special campaign. In a short video of her explaining her journey to where she is now, a M.A.Cnificent” model, she talks about how her culture doesn’t accept women of her size in front of the camera,


This whole opportunity is going to change my life in so many ways. My culture is more like finger pointing,” Vargas said. “This has happened to me where were at a party and their like Oh, lets take a picture.’ Then they tell me, Can you take the picture.'”


Vargas story is heart wrenching when watching her tell her life struggles being overweight as she takes you behind the scenes showing her evolution  into a more confident woman.


It feels so good because I know theres so many women out there that wont express themselves for the fact that theyre overweight, but if I did it they can all do it and I hope that this helps someone out there that is just like tucked in their room, dont want to go out or dont want to show themselves out,” Vargas said towards the end of her mini M.A.Cnificent Me” film.


The other five contestants for this campaign were individually selected from nearly all over the world. A diverse array of distinct individuals came together as one to share their message and why they each feel they can make a difference in others lives that are similar to their own. The winners consist of Tresor Prijs, from New Brunswick, Canada; Selena Pellegrini, from Rome, Italy; Vanessa Tyese Stewart,from Atlanta, Georgia; Ben Dnipprowskij, from Melbourne, Australia; and Ji Won Kim, from Seol, Korea.


James Gager, Creative Director of M.A.C Cosmetics and Lori Goldstein, Fashion Stylist made these select individuals dreams come true by making them feel beautiful as they all knew deep down inside they are.



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