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Malik Yoba Opens Up About Why He Decided To Step Up For The Trans Community

Malki Yoba has been making headlines ever since he revealed his attraction to trans women. More importantly, he has been using his platform to bring attention to the many issues that the trans community faces, and now he is opening up more about why he has decided to step up for the trans community.

During a visit to The Breakfast Club with, Carmen Carrera, David Johns, and Nala Simone Toussiant. They dived into the topic right at hand and Malik explained his reason for “stepping up.” He said, “I realized when I hang around my friends who are members of the LGBTQ community, they are a lot more authentic than me. They live in their truth and they live with their truth with a lot of persecution and abuse sometimes, and to murder.”

He detailed the moment when he first felt pride, and he said it was the moment he thought he was going to support Carmen Carrera during the Pride Parade. It was at that time he realized the purpose of the movement. He described it as a pride for living, his people and the strength for the people around him.

When asked if him speaking about the matter considered coming out, he said, “I think it’s called stepping up.”

There are a lot of black men, that are in situations where they are friends, sometimes lovers, sometimes murders of trans women. For someone like myself who is heterosexual, who loves women, but I love people and I hate to see people suffering, it’s really basic for me,” said Malik.

As we previously reported, Malik spoke out against transphobia earlier this month as he posted a video of Maurice Willoughby, a 20-year-old man who killed himself because people were bullying him for dating a trans woman. While speaking about the situation, he took the time to reveal his own truth to the world.


Check out his full interview below:


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