#Roommates, our mamas are a lot of things to us, but one University of Texas at San Antonio student can brag that his mom is a real “wingman.”

Codey Gonzalez’s mother isn’t just a wingman, she’s apparently also a master at multi-tasking. While grocery shopping at an H-E-B in San Antonio, mama Patricia was also trying to find her son a girlfriend.

“If your name is Cody, you’re 6’4, you go to UTSA, live at the Outpost, a sophomore, AND majoring in Global Affairs. Your mom truly is your wingman. She just showed my roommates and I your picture at HEB trying to find you a GF. lmao,” tweeted one of the lucky girls to meet Codey’s mother.

Codey’s mother was successful because Codey and his potential new bae have plans to hang out.

Well, y’all know how Twitter works. Codey was only made aware of the situation because the girl’s tweet about him went viral. His friends started blowing him up and sending screenshots of the tweet the following morning.

Apparently mom dukes struck up the conversation with the college students because they had a puppy.

“This was the first time I have heard about her doing anything like this,” he told My San Antonio. “She has always had my back. So for her to try to find a girl for me, it just shows her motherly instincts.”

He said he wasn’t shocked or embarrassed by his mom’s date-scouting, but she was surprised to find out about her Twitter fame.

“She was so surprised! She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t even know what Twitter was at first,” he added.

Twitter is rooting for the love connection while also praising Patricia’s matchmaking skills.

“I love my mom but s**t, she is not getting grandkids  if she doesn’t put in some better effort,” one Twitter user said.

#Roommates, would you let your mom find your new bae? Let us know!

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