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Man Buys $12,000 Worth Of Suits Out Of The Trunk Of A Car!

If you were to walk past a person selling suits out of the trunk of their car you probably wouldn’t think twice about stopping. What if we told you there was a guy who actually bought $12,000 worth of suits from a stranger’s car, would that change your mind? 


Alex Burekhovich is a successful financer who decided to switch things up and get his lavish suits from a car parked on Wall Street in Manhattan, instead of his usual pickups from Bloomingdale’s, where he would shell out $2,000 on suits. 


It didn’t take Burekhovich long to realize after a couple visits that he would rather be measured outside by the 19-year-old sales agent over the widely known department store. According to the New York Post, Burekhovich has scored big because he’s purchased $500 summer blazers, eight regular blazers, two tuxes, a couple of suits, 10 shirts, and a $1,200 winter coat. 


I’m sure most of you are wondering if this is actually legit and if the material is even good quality. The serviceBurkehovich uses is called BookATailor and the company sends out for custom suits produced in Thailand!


This interesting service has been around since 2012, but recently decided to expand their business in an attempt to bring in more clientele by sending out cars to offer on-location one-on-one service. 


“I’m parked in front of a store that can be paying $30,000 to be there, and I’m paying $30 a day,” BookATailor CEO Jacomo Hakim told the New York Post. “It’s a joke – my car gets more attention than their store.”


It seems Burkehovich isn’t the only one who prefers this service because several other dudes have spent thousands of dollars for a custom suit right out of car. 


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