#Roommates, a man is suing #LilPump for a hit and run that left him in bad shape! According to court documents obtained by @TMZ_TV, Lil Pump and his crew got into a nasty car accident with the victim and left the scene immediately.

The documents state back in October 2017, around 2:20pm Lil Pump and his entourage “violently collided” with the man currently suing him.

According to the suit, the man who was hit claims after the collision, Pump and his guys pulled him out of the car after the accident but left him in the road before he became unconscious leaving him and their car behind without calling police.

The man is suing Lil Pump for damages for his injuries, pain and suffering and wants his medical bills covered.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/03/02/lil-pump-sued-hit-and-run-car-accident/?adid=hero3