Now y’all KNOW for some people, the #SuperBowl hype is more so about who’s performing at the halftime show, than who’s playing—especially the times the #SuperBowl was at the “#Beyonce concert.”

That being said, it is being reported that #Maroon5 will be the performers at this year’s game.

Given the controversy surrounding the #NFL with not allowing players to kneel etc, it’s reportedly been some what of a challenge to lock down performers of color. I mean y’all remember the rumors of #JayZ allegedly declining the offer to perform at last year’s #SuperBowl right? He then went on to say

“I said no to the Super Bowl

You need me, I don’t need you

Every night we in the end zone

Tell the NFL we in stadiums too,” in the song “Apesh*t”.

With all that being said, are y’all here for #Maroon5 performing at the show? They got hits too!

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