If you’ve been watching this season of ‘Married To Medicine’ then it’s no secret that Dr. Simone Whitmore, 50, and her husband Cecil Whitmore, 51, were having marriage issues but I don’t think anyone saw this coming… so soon!

According to People, the couple has decided to go their separate ways after being married for 21 years!

Simone broke the news to her fellow cast members during the taping of the reunion that’s set to air in March.

Simone spoke exclusively with the People and explained why she’s throwing up the deuces!

“There is no if here, there are no games. I am not pretending. I am done, ” she said. “I have reached a place where I am in a marriage where I do not feel loved and no sacrifices are being made for me to make me feel loved.I must move on.”

Simone filed for divorce back in October and plans to have it finalized by the time she lands back in A. Hopefully they’re able to have a positive relationship for their two sons, 19-year-old Miles and 15-year-old Michael.

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