Maryland Firefighters Take Apart Fireplace To Remove Suspected Intruder Stuck In Chimney

Maryland Firefighters Take Apart Fireplace To Remove Suspected Intruder Stuck In Chimney

A Maryland man has been taking some notes from Santa Claus and using them to be not-so-nice! Ibrar Khan told NBC Washington 4 that he found a “suspected intruder” stuck in his chimney in the middle of the night. Firefighters spent hours  taking apart the fireplace brick by brick on Saturday. By 7:30 a.m., the unidentified man was removed from the chimney and taken to the hospital for “serious injuries.”

Mystery Sounds Spark A Search 

Early in the evening, Ibrar and his family lit a fire, made smores and watched a movie. Ibrar first heard strange noises in his home at around 3 a.m.

“I kept hearing some really loud banging noises, some thudding noises, like something was banging the wall,” he said.

So, he investigated. He checked the windows and the garage. When he didn’t find anything, he called the police. They came, did a sweep of his home and also found nothing. But, the noises didn’t stop. When Ibrar checked the fireplace, a man called called saying “Ay, ay, ay.” Per NBC Washington, Ibrar said the man said “some Hail Marys, some hallelujah stuff.”

At this point, Ibrar gets police back at his home again. The officers were skeptical at this almost daylight point. But afterwards, one female officer reportedly listened and reacted saying, “Oh my God, oh my God, you’re right, there’s someone inside. There’s someone in there.”


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Firefighters Launch Rescue
Twenty-four firefighters responded to the scene and hacked away at the wall, eventually freeing the unauthorized guest. Pete Piringer, the chief spokesperson for Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue Service, shared photos of the rescue job on Twitter. Ibrar’s living room is seen covered in equipment from floodlights and ladders to shovels and safety equipment.
Apparently, the chimney’s wire cap was pulled back, before the unknown man climbed down and got stuck. Despite the injuries, NBC Washington 4 says officials believe he’s expected to live. At this time, the suspected intruder’s identity remains unknown.
What Happens Now 
Firefighters executed the rescue, but left behind a giant mess for Ibrar and his family. As the story went viral, questions swirled about who is responsible for cleaning the debris from the rescue. Initial reportings by NBC Washington 4 says the home is owned by Holy Cross Hospital. Ibrar expressed both concern for the injured man and relief that he wasn’t able to fully access his home.

“Who knows how this could’ve gone. This could’ve gone wrong a thousand different ways,” Ibrar said.

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