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Meagan Good Responds To Getting Slammed By Religious Fans Over Halloween Movie!

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Meagan Good revealed she would be staring in the “Dead Diaries Massacre” short film that she directed that will feature Karrueche Tran and others. The short film has a “Halloween” theme and immediately her religious fans went on attack mode when they found out about it. Meagan Good is currently married to Devon Franklin who is seen as a huge figure in the church community. The disgruntled fans felt that Meagan Good should not be associated with a holiday like Halloween, because it is a sin to take part in such “evil activities”. Well, last night Meagan Good lashed out and let her fans have it! She quickly deleted her post and responded with a more politically correct message addressing the crazy fans:

 I learned something last night .. Something I already knew .. But perhaps needed to be reminded .. With every new level -there is most certainly a new devil. Yesterday I felt so incredibly attacked .. I acted too quickly and didn’t consult with Dad before I responded .. I felt that in my spirit ..You see, I responded defensively ..instead of continuing to stay focused and letting Dad put in perspective for me, how I should feel about all of this … I knew the message I reposted from another young woman wasn’t completely accurate.. But I understood the intention and the heart of it .. and instead of really thinking it through -I assumed that others would too… But I have to remember that there are those who are committed to misunderstanding me ..and wanting to see me fail. Those that would claim they’re coming to me in love, but their approach has been nothing short of abusive. Judgment can be a good thing ..when we are trying to tell a sister or brother the truth… But there will be things that all of us may never agree on …that’s why to some degree we are divided in the first place .. I pray that one day everyone will learn that everybody’s relationship with God is a personal one ..and while we can tell them what we believe -we should all respect and pray, that they will figure it out between them and God .. and it may not always look like what we think it should look like… Everyone’s journey is different and unique …I believe the world would be a better place – if we went to God with our concerns before attempting correction and judgement .. And then back to Him if it isn’t received ..instead of attacking the person. With that being said my judgment was poor last night ..not on the matter of Halloween ..not on the matter of the short film I released.. But on the matter of how I dealt with people who didn’t deal with me love. .. Some one asked another last night “do you even care ? Do you think your approach is changing her? Or making her grow colder? ” .. I instantly thought “colder”


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