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Meek Mill Fires Off A Series Of Tweets In Defense Of B. Simone Amid Plagiarism Allegations

Meek Mill used his Twitter fingers Sunday to speak in defense of B. Simone who was recently accused of plagiarising portions of her new book.

Meek made a series of tweets suggesting that the Black community is quick to cancel their own, especially when they reach certain levels of success.


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#MeekMill fires off a few tweets in support of #BSimone amid allegations of plagiarism

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“B Simone canceled because she (finessed) a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off?” Meek asked. “Finding ways to display hate towards our own when they start doing good is showing amongst us a lot!”

While Meek spoke in defense of B. Simone, others pointed out to him that their issue with the influencer revolved around the allegation that she profited from the work of others including people of color.

One person responded to Meek saying, “she finessed her ‘own’ though…hella different cuz,” to which he replied, “N****s rap about selling drugs and a life they didn’t live is that not finessing their own tho? A Louie shirt a stack…Chanel $5,500 I don’t even think they donate to blacks they number one in our culture…I’m just getting confused what we standing for collectively.”

Meek continued, “Give me ya point why a girl from where we come from should be canceled because she finessed a lil bit…I really wanna know how people really think?”

Meek’s tweets were met with mixed reactions, though most people criticized him for standing up for B. Simone after calling out Drake for allegedly having a ghostwriter.

Others felt that Meek brought up a good point that black women are the least protected group, even in cancel culture.

B. Simone has yet to address the allegations herself but earlier this week she also dealt with criticism regarding her preferences in an ideal mate.

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