#Drake and #PushaT had a lil’ rap beef that will forever go down in the books of hip-hop. They came for each other in each of their initial responses, throwing close friends, baby mamas and allaathat in the mix. As y’all know, #Pusha spilled ALLL the tea on the kid #Drake was hiding the world from at the time.

Some people feel as though Pusha went too hard, and some feel as though he was within rap beef grounds. Everyone was waiting to see if #Aubrey would “finish him”, but the day never came like it did during his beef with #MeekMill.

#Drake and #Meek have put their differences aside and are buddy buddy again, so Meek had no problem keeping it all the way real when asked about it on #AngieMartinez’s show. Meek said there’s no such thing as going too hard, and he’d let #Drake know that too. Make sure y’all check out the full interview below:

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