Meek Mill and his team are making another attempt to get Judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case.

Earlier this week, Judge Brinkley denied Meek’s petition for a new trial. Nonetheless, that has not stopped Meek’s team of lawyers from trying to get her removed from his case.

According to Fox 29, a spokesperson said that Meek’s attorneys have submitted a new filing to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Meek’s legal team has mentioned credibility issues with the police officer that has testified in his case. The District Attorney’s Office has also supported Meek’s request for a new trial. In the end, Brinkley ruled Meek’s attorneys had not met the burden of proof in questioning the officer’s credibility.

Meek’s lawyer claims Brinkley “acted like a prosecutor, not a judge” when she cross-examined a witness at the June 18th hearing, and they suggest she lacks impartiality.

Despite the back and forth of trying to get Brinkley removed from his case, Meek continues to use his platform to speak out about the justice system.