Roommates, just a day after Megan Thee Stallion went live and spilled tea about what’s been going on with her and her label 1501 Certified Entertainment, news surfaces that she is also reportedly suing the label, according to TMZ. In the video, she broke down what exactly has been going on and how 1501 has reportedly been keeping her from releasing new music. In the suit, Megan also allegedly claims that certain execs at her label have a reputation for “bullying and using strong-armed tactics.”

If you didn’t catch the tea earlier, she admits that she signed her contract with 1501 back when she was just 20-years-old and really didn’t know what was in it. Along with those claims, a judge in Harris County Texas has reportedly granted Megan a temporary restraining order that helps prevent her label from blocking her from releasing her new music! Catch the video below:

In the suit, there’s reportedly language about the terms of her contract. One of them reportedly being the split of Megan’s recording income. It’s being reported that the contract deal calls for 1501 Certified Entertainment to receive 60% of her recording income while she receives 40%. From that 40% she has to reportedly pay her engineers, mixers and featured artists too.

That’s not all roommates! It look like Megan is also suing Carl Crawford, who is part owner of the record label! Megan is claiming that Carl is using his relationship with Rap-a-Lot Records founder, J.Prince to intimidate people in the industry! He coincidentally posted a photo with J.Prince with a very specific caption. See the post below:

1501 has yet to respond to the claims, but it’s safe to say that things are not in the best place between them and Megan. Hoping they can come to a resolve!