Megan Thee Stallion 'Mean Girls' Cameo Edited Over Lohan Joke

Megan Thee Stallion ‘Mean Girls’ Cameo Reportedly Edited Over Remark Regarding Lindsay Lohan

Reports suggest that the ‘Mean Girls’ reboot, now available on streaming platforms, has shortened Megan Thee Stallion‘s cameo.

As you’ll probably know, the comedy, released in January, made some not-so-positive headlines over a line where Meg appears to make a slight dig at Lindsay Lohan.

“Fire Crotch” Line Removed From ‘Mean Girls’ Digital Release

The Daily Mail claims that LiLo, the star of the original version in 2004, also made a surprise cameo in the movie and reportedly received a payment of $500,000.

However, the actress had no knowledge that writers included a joke about her, especially after she agreed to appear in the motion picture.

In the scene in question, Meg appears in a TikTok video as a photo of Cady Heron, formerly played by Lohan, pops up next to her.

“OK, so somebody sent me this look and I was like, ‘Hot girls, we are going back red, Y2K fire crotch is back,’” the ‘Body’ rapper said.

The flick, which eagle-eyed fans have been watching on platforms such as Prime Video, noticed that Meg’s cameo no longer includes the “fire crotch” remark.

Instead, there’s a slight cut that then jumps to Megan saying, “Somebody sent me this look and I’m like, ‘Okay, you know what? Hot girls, we are going back red!’”

A rep for Lohan previously claimed that the ‘Herbie’ star didn’t find it amusing, but rather hurtful, according to Variety.

Socialite Brandon Davis infamously attached the phrase to LiLo, giving her the derogatory nickname during a night out in 2006 with Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Megan Has Not Commented On The Situation

Meg hasn’t addressed the controversy that erupted when Lohan’s team openly shared that the actress was displeased by the scene.

But the decision to take the line out would clearly indicate that producers were looking to rectify the mistake they made by including the joke to begin with.

Outside of her cameo, Meg played a huge part in the film’s success.

She teamed up with Reneé Rapp, who stars as Regina George, for the soundtrack single, “Not My Fault,” which was accompanied by a Mean Girls-inspired music video.

The pair promoted the track in a joint performance on Saturday Night Live, where Megan also got to meet the OG Regina George — Rachel McAdams.

Now that they have revised the digital release, everyone can return to enjoying the film without having to hear the “fire crotch” line that haunted Lohan throughout the ’00s.

Roomies, do you think the line was uncalled for or would you have been okay with it?

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