Meghan Markle’s Sister Reportedly Under Investigation In Florida For Cyberbullying Her

Meghan Markle’s Sister Reportedly Under Investigation In Florida For Cyberbullying Her

Meghan Markle has been having a tough time lately and the latest issue surrounding her estranged sister is unlikely to make things any better. Samantha Markle is reportedly under investigation for cyberbullying her younger sister, the same issue that caused her Twitter account to be suspended back in August.

According to @Cosmopolitan, Samantha Markle, 54, is in some serious trouble with Florida authorities, as she is currently under investigation for continuous cyberbullying of her sister, Meghan Markle. Florida police have reportedly opened an official investigation due multiple complaints of cyberbullying directed towards Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry.

In a statement regarding the investigation, an officer from the Polk County Sheriff’s Department had this to say about Samantha:

“There have been multiple reports of allegations of cyberbullying made. It’s a large and widespread investigation and is likely to be a long process. Samantha Markle is aware of this allegation. She has not been arrested. This is an ongoing case and I cannot speculate on a timeline yet or make any other comment.”

However, that’s not all of Samantha’s troubles. Reportedly four other countries have also filed complaints about her cyberbullying, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden. It’s unclear who made the complaints in the U.K., but it’s suspected that the Royal Family had nothing to do with it.

All of this follows Meghan’s recent interview where she stated that “not many people have asked if I’m ok.” Samantha slammed her immediately after the interview aired and called her a hypocrite because Meghan hasn’t checked on or spoken to their father who alleged had a heart attack last year before her wedding.


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