Meme Gang Goes Too Far! Toddler With Rare Condition Bullied On Social Media - Mom Speaks Out!

Meme Gang Goes Too Far! Toddler With Rare Condition Bullied On Social Media – Mom Speaks Out!

Two-year-old Mariah Anderson suffers from a rare condition called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, according to WCBD. 

Recently, the meme gang got a hold of her precious pictures, turned it into a meme, and shared it across social media. Thousands of people said all kind of awful things about Mariah in the comments and her mother, Kyra Pringle, got wind of it. 

 On top of that, can you believe that Kyra said people made death threats to Mariah! I’m telling y’all these kids are crazy these days. Why would anyone think it would be okay to do that to a 2-year-old child? It might be a good idea to not even post your child on social media at all to avoid something like this happening. 

Mariah’s mother first shared her pictures on social media because she wanted to spread awareness about her condition, she never imagined that her daughter would be the butt of a joke. The mother recently released a statement addressing the situation:

When I say this has… hit hard it has….I’m trying my best to put my best foot forward…but only GOD can healed the wounds that I feel…some of the comments plays in my head over and over…but its nothing but the devil trying to distract me from the GOOD….everyone in our community knows Mariah story and you guys have fought with me from the beginning…but now its time for the world to know about MY MARIAH…for them to know how strong of a baby she is and how she has inspired many….that smae smile that they are laughing at has got me through so much….she’s my daughter and she have inspired me in so many ways to still push forward no matter the circumstances…CROSS…RIDGEVILLE…SUMMERVILLE… CHARLESTON….its time for the world to know OUR MARIAH…..”

 See one of the disgusting Memes below:

 Source : Inquistor



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