For all you Stans out there (doesn’t matter who or what you stan), the dictionary now recognizes you.

We stan a dictionary that stays current and #MerriamWebster is proving they are certainly with the times by adding #Stan and 639 other words to the dictionary.

Merriam Webster defines Stan as “an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan.” Other terms that the dictionary is now recognizing as words include “Receipts,” “On-Brand” and “Buzzy.”

“The English language never sleeps, and neither does the dictionary. The work of revising a dictionary is constant, and it mirrors the culture’s need to make sense of the world with words. There are always new things to be named and new uses for existing words to be explained. A release of new words is also a map of the workings of a dictionary—you get to see what we’ve been up to—and of how words from different contexts come to reside in the same place,” said Merriam Webster in a news release.

“It all begins, in each case, with evidence of words in use. Each word follows its own path at its own pace before its use is widespread enough to be included in a dictionary. We watch as words move from specialized contexts to more general use and we make citations for each word in order to draft our definitions. This means, in other words, that we have the receipts (in a manner of speaking).”

The dictionary included new meanings for old words such as “Stan” and “Snowflake,” which is now used to mean both “someone regarded or treated as unique or special” and “someone who is overly sensitive.”

The dictionary also introduced a host of new words from science and medicine as well as the words from the entertainment world such as EGOT, which is an acronym that stands for the rare achievement of winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.

Which new dictionary words are y’all co-signing? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh