Podcast Audio Shows Lore'l Did Not Call Michael B. Jordan 'Corny'

LISTEN: Resurfaced Podcast Audio Shows Lore’l Did Not Call Michael B. Jordan ‘Corny’

Resurfaced podcast audio from 2021 shows that radio host Lore’l did not call Michael B. Jordan “corny,” despite the actor believing otherwise in a now-viral video clip.

Lore’l Interviewed Michael B. Jordan At The Creed III Red Carpet Premiere

Lore’l, a radio host at The Morning Hustle interviewed the 36-year-old actor at the red carpet premiere of his latest film Creed III. Jordan is making his directorial debut in the film, while also starring as the trilogy’s main character, Adonis Creed.

The radio host began the interviewing by recalling that the two previously attended the same high school in Newark, New Jersey.

“The corny kid, right?” Jordan responded, seeming to apply that Lore’l previously made the comment about him.

No, I did NOT say that — misquoted for sure.

Lore’l responded.

I said, we used to make fun of the name. But yeah, he is obviously killing things out here.

TSR Uncovered Podcast Audio That Affirmed Lore’l’s Stance

The Shade Room uncovered a clip from a 2021 podcast episode called The Undressing Room podcast. Lore’l chatted alongside former co-host Dominique Da Diva who can be heard labeling the actor as “corny,” as reported by The Morning Hustle.

You know what I really think deep down inside? I think that Michael B. Jordan is a nice, corny guy, and I don’t mean that as a slight.

Lore’l responded by explaining that the two did attend the same high school. And honestly admitted that the students did tease him because his name was Michael Jordan, synonymous with the famed NBA player.

Dominique Da Diva Appears To Stand Firm On Her Comments About The Actor

Dominique Da Diva later took to her Instagram Story to share that she appears to stand firm on her comments about Jordan.

They mad at Lore’l when it was me who called him corny

The host then shared the reasoning behind her opinion.

Any black man that dates white women is corny to me. I guess that PR relationship w/ Lori helped y’all forget but I didn’t.

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