Michael Blackson Reacts To Katt Williams, Columbus Blasts Cedric

Group Chat Activated! Michael Blackson Calls Katt Williams A Liar And Columbus Short Blasts Cedric The Entertainer

Katt Williams became a trending topic on Jan. 3 after a recent interview showed him dragging a few well-known comedians. He, once again, accused Cedric The Entertainer of stealing his joke and also name-dropped Steve Harvey, Faizon Love, and Earthquake.

Michael Blackson Alleges Katt Williams Lied About Giving Him Advice

On his hit list was also Michael Blackson, a comedian who grew in popularity on social media. While seemingly justifying comedians getting booed on stage, Katt Williams suggested it doesn’t happen enough.

“That’s how you end up with a Michael Blackson, who’s a real African doing a fake African accent,” Katt said. “This guy is mad at me, all I did was give him the best advice of his life. Remember, he was wearing dirty dashikis. I told him he needed to dress to be in the position that he’s trying to say that he’s in.” 

Williams added that if Michael was going to claim to be the African King of comedians, he needed to go to Africa and “get a school, put in some work.” Katt said “these guys” take his advice, change their whole persona, and “hate” him for it.

In response, Michael Blackson accused Katt Williams of purposely taking “shots” at the “top 10 comedians alive today” to solicit responses and relevancy. He fired off his responses via X on Wednesday.

“I can’t believe this lying, dehydrated leprechaun said he told me to build a school lmao. I only built a free school so the kids can whip you a** for free modasucka.”

Blackson gave Katt his flowers for being in the “top 10 comedians of all time.” However, Blackson said, “We all have to agree [Katt] he’s not the Katt of 2005.” 

Afterward, he shared his top ten list, placing Eddie Murphy first, Katt Williams fourth, and himself tenth.

Swipe below to see Michael’s reaction and Katt Williams’ interview comments.

Columbus Short Calls Out Cedric The Entertainer For Alleged Past Incident

Meanwhile, Columbus Short is matching Katt Williams’ comments about Cedric The Entertainer.

Columbus called the comedian a “b, mad ninja” before explaining that Cedric once allegedly booted him and his wife from a table at an event. Short alleged that Cedric did that over a past situation involving a woman from San Diego.

“He suppose to be from Missouri, he did me dirty man,” Columbus, who is from Missouri, alleged. “I’m not even gon’ lie.” 

Columbus said he witnessed Cedric whispering to the usher, and then, moments later, the event staff attempted to relocate him and his wife to “the back of the house.” Short noted that former pro athlete Shaq invited them to his table instead.

After the award ceremony wrapped, Columbus said he ran up on Cedric and called him a “b, mad ninja.”

See what he said below.

As previously reported, Cedric The Entertainer clapped back at Katt Williams for again claiming Cedric stole his joke.

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